The Code of the Sith

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. 
Through passion, I gain strength. 
Through strength, I gain power. 
Through power, I gain victory. 
Through victory, my chains are broken. 
The Force shall free me.

The Sith were a species of red-skinned humanoids native to Ziost and Korriban that were enslaved by exiled Dark Jedi. Over time, the Sith interbred with the Human Dark Jedi. Eventually, the Sith species in its original form largely vanished.

After the rise and fall of that people, the meaning of the term 'Sith' evolved. In time, the Sith would not be identified by their race, but by their dedication to the ancient Sith philosophy.

Physiology and Culture

The original Sith species was a Near-Human race with characteristic red skin and long tentacle 'beards'. Eventually, the Sith were Humans who followed the Sith ethos.

Sith philosophy emphasized conflict. The Sith believed that it empowered both individuals and civilizations by forcing them to change, grow, and evolve. Conflict ensured that only the strong would survive, thus leading toward perfection.

The pacifistic teachings of the Jedi were viewed as obstructions to progress lack of conflict led only to stagnation and decline. Morality was treated as an obstacle to be overcome, obscuring the ability to recognize and grasp opportunities for advancement.

The core of a Sith's power came from emotion. The Jedi taught that fear and anger were negative emotions that must be overcome, but the Sith understood that every living creature was subject to such passions. They believed in harnessing rather than suppressing these natural urges. They recognized that emotion was required in order to attain a holistic understanding of the Force.

Role in LotJ

Sith are aggressive, fueling their actions with fear and anger. They are militant extremists who thrive in an atmosphere of conflict. Sith are often soliders, combat pilots and spies. They revel in strife and the idea of diplomatic or peaceful solutions are TOTALLY alien.

Sith can speak Galactic Basic.

Famous Sith

Original Species

*Naga Sadow, Sith Lord who masterminded the Great Hyperspace War against the Old Republic

New Order

*Darth Bane, Sith Lord who formulated the Rule Of Two