Name: Raen Daern

Race: Stock Human(Coruscant Born)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Age at time of Pwipe: 28~(I didn't keep track, sadly)

Occupation: Engineer/Mechanic/CEO

Affiliation: Pro-Republic, Alderaanian Royal Engineers

Notable Events and Actions:

The first really notable thing that I can remember with Raen is when I first joined, and Rytith/Akulda shoved me into the engineering room of a Republic-class Cruiser while we fought off Sith Scythes being sent to Lorrd. After that, it pretty much was boring up until ARE's leader shifted to Illidar, at which time Raen promptly began insulting his new superior... and being promoted to Shipwright Overseer for it.

Saerio took over ARE a little while later, with Illidar not really having anything notable happen in his tenure. The Sith, almost as soon as Saerio took over, decided to start harassing ARE, mostly due to our stance of "Hey, Libindinious, go shove your lightsaber up your ass." when they asked if we would sell capitals to them, and so began the policy of keeping our own cruisers in orbit around the planet. Long story short, lots of moments where the entire clan jumped into our ships, went into orbit, and waited for the Jedi and Republican Military to declare our base "Clean".

Eventually, Raen took part in designing the Courageous-Class Command Ships, being in charge of designing the shielding and reactor systems, as well as designing the drydocks used in constructing the vessels. Sometime around that event, he got promoted to being the first officer of ARE, mostly due to nobody else actually wanting the job. This went on for a while, with more Sith Attacks never really doing much, until finally Raen ended up taking over ARE due to Saerio leaving the company due to troubles on Utapau. Promptly hiring Veth, and promoting him and Siol to serve as his Lieutenants, Raen ended up having a most interesting time as the CEO. Around this time we ended up hiring a Twi'lek, Resa, who eventually went on to become the Surface Marshal of the Republican Army.

Some of the more memorable events include when Juli and some other Lorellian bought a ship from us, and ended up shooting Siol, which did not go well, as Republicans arrested the pair of them after the ship had been shot down by our own garrison as they tried to escape. This event caused Raen to acknowledge the fact that Might can get people to stop fucking with ARE, causing him to be less hesitant about hiring Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries, and around this time he began filling his cane with grenades of whatever type he could obtain. Fission grenades, small thermal detonators... He had a lot.