Area Imm Notes {202300}

From "This was Nal Hutta's spaceport moon, known for its vertically-built cities, experienced spaceship mechanics and its lawlessness. It was once the site of several mining installations, but over the centuries it became a center for smuggling operations. When the Hutts took over the moon, they began using it as a spaceport, and soon huge refueling spires and repair facilities reached up from the ground into orbit. Over time, the mass of the moon was increased 300 percent as construction continued unabated. There is no observable land mass left on Nar Shaddaa, since the spaceports have grown around the spires and now completely cover the planet."

Primary builder: Gral

Building Chronology

  • 2008 Expansion pack in progress, quests in progress
    • In progress: rumor mill generated by the bar keepers
    • In progress: revisit the unfinished 3 gangs and their FedEx quests
    • In progress: revisit all 30 quests of which 5 have been long implemented
    • Population of items
    • Made the repulsor cars more explicit.