Early Summer 2005 - September 2006

Lydor Lailus Jr. was a Naboo Senator, Vice Chancellor, Chancellor for the Galactic Republic and later the Military Advisor for the Rebel Alliance during the Republic/Rebel eras for the Summer 2005 timeline. He was notable for the speeches he gave and his kidnapping at the hands of the Mandalorians and Solar Corporation which resulted in him losing his eyes and testicles as a Vice Chancellor, being promoted to Chancellor, and in his death left behind a clone which worked with the Rebel Alliance in a more militant fashion until that clone's death at the hands of the Dark Jedi Odium.

Vice Chancellorship and Chancellorship

Following the death of Chancellor Devrin, Lydor was selected to be the new VC as Melbus was ascended to the Chancellorship. A war on Naboo broke out due to Solar Corporation's blockade of the planet, which led to Lydor's kidnapping, who staged the kidnapping, and also took Lydor's escort as prisoner. When the Mandalorians demanded Ryloth be turned to their control and Lailus refused, he was mutilated.

Following his release, war begun between the Mandalorians and the Republic, and incidentally Chancellor Melbus was killed, prompting Lydor to take his place. Believing the disarray of the Republic to be his fault and still wishing for the possibility of peace between the Mandalorians and the Republic, Lydor resigned, and shortly thereafter was killed in a ship accident.

The Clone and the Rebel Alliance

Unbeknowst to most, Lydor was one of the first subjects for Kuat Drive Yard's experimental cloning technology. The clone did not suffer cellular degeneration, though it maintained different attitudes from it's predacessor. Unwilling to work with the Republic in the direction it was heading, he left and took a simple professor position with the Naboo Academy of Political Science for over a decade until the Empire became the dominant government in the galaxy, at which point he began to align with old friends from the Republic in creating an Alliance to restore it. As Maxwell Lightstar finished construction on a deep space asteroid to serve as the Alliance's base, Lydor began bringing former Republicans and Jedi to it. Taking a more militant stance, he would often assist on propaganda missions to Core worlds, resulting in Naboo's liberation, the first liberation of the Rebel Alliance. While the galaxy believed he was the leader of the Rebel Alliance, he and Richard Sharpe agreed to keep it secret that Sharpe was in fact the leader, as a form of subterfuge.


During a second liberation of Naboo, Imperial forces began to blockade the planet, and as Alliance forces on the ground attempted escape, Lydor was captured and executed by Odium. The Rebel capital ship 'Lydor's Sacrifice' was named after him.

Character Design

Lydor was a cross between JFK and the character "Wesley" from Angel fame; he was the penultimate "dumb kid who wanted to save the world".