The Lorell Raiders were an elite pirate group in the years following the Great Hyperspace War that originated from the Core Worlds before relocating to an area of the Unknown Regions now known as the Hapan Cluster by navigating through the Transitory Mists of the planet Lorell. For several decade they plauged shipping lanes of the Outer Rim and soon the Core planets, stealing ships, cargo, and most notably kidnapping only the most beautiful young women for slavery on their world. Following a massive defeat at Nal Hutta which destroyed their primary leadership, the group quickly fell into decline and was overthrown by the female slaves who would then form the Hapan Consortium.

1st March 2007 - 31st October 2007. Old Republic Era


Led by ruthless pirate lord Zhang Ni'Korish, a group of the galaxy's elite career criminals in the galaxy banded together to find a world of their own that could serve as the ultimate headquarters and as a form of pirate's paradise. After hijacking the Republican cruiser Legacy, they followed a navchart that led to a certain point in the Unknown Regions that many pirates had attempted to reach before, but all had failed to navigate the mists and thus died. Isolder Ni'korish, however, was the first to successfully navigate the transitory mists and even though the craft crashed and was unservicable for decades, all of the crew survived and began colonizing the planet and forming a society based off of a plunder economy.


While the Patriarchy changed from Zhang Ni'korish to his brother Isolder Ni'korish and later to Ailen Krin within the Raider's earlier times, their various successes continued to mount. The Raiders plauged the Republic navy with their ability to steal craft such as the Dreadnaught and the CCT courier. Their population began to grow further through their successful kidnapping of Core women who could serve as laborers and child-bearers who could secure the next generation of Lorellians. Lorellian society continued to flourish with technology that could rival that of the Galactic Republic and the precision by which the Lorellians executed their actions was on par with Republican generals and tacticians.

The Lorell Raiders soon rivaled with ZannCorp as the prime organized crime syndicate in the galaxy, and their actions did not go unnoticed by the Galactic Republic or many others groups within the galaxy.

The Mercenary War

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The Sith Alliance

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Decline and Overthrow

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Clan/Character Designs

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