Umm yeah - even I remember not much of this one

makecontainer   body &G&g&rA Red Satin Bra&G
makearmor       body &G&g&pA Silk Blouse&G
makecontainer  waist &G&g&zA Black Thong&G
makearmor      waist &G&g&rA pair of Red Satin Panties&G

makearmor      waist &G&g&pA Leather Belt lined with fur&G

makearmor       legs &G&g&rA pair of Red Lace Garters&G
makearmor       legs &G&g&pA Calf-length Leather Skirt&G

makearmor       arms &G&g&rA Pair of Transparent Silk Sleeves&G
makearmor       arms &G&g&pA pair of Leather Suit Sleeves&G

makearmor      hands &G&g&pA pair of Petite Leather Gloves&G
makearmor      hands &G&g&pA pair of Soft Leather Gloves&G
makearmor       feet &G&g&rA pair of Silk Stockings&G
makearmor       feet &G&g&zA pair of Leather High Heels&G
makearmor       feet &G&g&pA pair of Leather Lace-up Boots&G
makearmor      about &G&g&rA Transparent shawl&G
makecontainer  about &G&g&pA Leather Business Suit&G
makearmor       over &G&g&rAn embossed Bath robe&G
makearmor       over &G&g&pA Petite Leather Trench Coat&G
makeshield           &G&g&cF&Cl&Bo&Cw&ce&Br&Cs &cS&Bm&Ce&cl&Bl&Ci&cn&Bg &Cl&ci&Bk&Ce &cP&Be&Cr&cf&Bu&Cm&ce&G
makecomlink head &G&g&YLong Blond hair in Two braids&G
makecomlink ears &G&g&YA pair of Gold Earings with wrapped Diamonds&G
makecomlink neck &G&g&wAn &WI&wvory &WC&whoker&G

A Small Neck Mounted Shield Generator


As Valerie the Hapan?

This is a beautiful and tall woman, with long blonde hair. Her hair is perfectly straight and progresses down past her shoulders. The slightest movements send these long locks swaying that is like harmonic motion. Her majestic and serene ice blue eyes are outlined by her pale, soft skin. Her face is in beautiful proportions, and the crown of her nose acts as the focal point. The cheeks are a rosy red, as if she is constantly blushing. Her shoulders are slender, as is her upper-body yet has the physique of an athlete. The hips of hers are something to be coveted by the Goddesses and held by only her, connected to legs of equal beauty. The feet are small, smooth and sleek, yet not dainty or fragile.

As someguy?

Standing before you is a young man of twenty one, his light brown hair constraining golden highlights, and his blue gray eyes, while looking cool, still show a bit of kindness, and a twinkle of good humor in them. fairly well muscles, his impressive height of 6'7 could make him intimidating to some, his height mostly in his legs, and some in his torso, show he would probably be an excellent sprinter, and marathon runner, due to his ability to take long , graceful strides. his fingers are long, like those possesed of a musician, he is of slender build, and has somewhat broad shoulders.