Welcome to the Legends of the Jedi Wiki

Legends of the Jedi (LotJ) is a text-based roleplaying game (affectionately known as a MUD) set in the Star Wars universe. We do not follow the strict canon story of Star Wars. Instead, our unique timeline begins at an early point in the Star Wars expanded universe, continues to the Galactic Civil War and ends in the post-Empire era. No matter what your favorite era of Star Wars is, you’ll find it here.

Roleplay is enforced. All positions on LotJ are filled out by players, from the heroic Jedi Knights and benevolent Republic Senators, to crafty ship builders, dangerous crime lords and even dark, mysterious Sith Masters. LotJ players are never without exciting parts to play.

This is the official LotJ Wiki, where we will keep a record of historical events, character sheets, and helpful files for offline viewing. If you are looking for the LotJ website, click here, or connect to us by pointing your MUD client of choice to: port 5656.

Please note that in keeping with the official LotJ Rules:

  • No information pertaining to the current Timeline will be allowed on this Wiki.
  • Rule 14 still applies here. Do not disrespect, insult, complain about, troll, or harass other players.

Furthermore, no LotJ help files are allowed on this Wiki at this time. Feel free to post information regarding your characters, stories, and helpful guides, but do not copy and paste the MUD's help files.

Construction Notes

We're currently getting the wiki on its feet after merging with the previous LotJ-hosted wiki. Please have a little patience with us. If you have any questions or would like to help moderate the wiki, get in touch with @Xerakon.


Latest activity

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