The Kubaz were an insectivorous species native to the planet Kubindi in the Outer Rim Yuuzhan Vong War.

Physiology and Culture

Kubaz have a rough green-black skin and bristly hair. Kubaz most striking feature is their prehensile trunk. Although relatively new to the galactic community at the time of the institution of the New Order, the species was already ubiquitous throughout the Republic during the Clone Wars. Many Kubaz abroad were spies sent to other worlds by their respective hives to learn about other worlds' politics, cultures, and cuisine. The homeworld of Kubindi was plagued by radiation bombardment, and many wealthy hives moved offworld to Ku'Bakai 6, 8, and 11.

On Kubindi, the Kubaz hives dwelled in underground nests. Each hive was ruled by a queen, after whom the hive is named. All Kubaz within a hive were descendants of the queen.

Sadly, Kubindi was amongst the many worlds taken over by the Yuuzhan Vong, although many Kubaz were able to evacuate thanks to the heroic efforts of the Jedi. They returned to Kubindi after the end of the war.

Role in LotJ

Kubaz are forthright, persistent and tenacious almost to a fault. Due to their interest in information gathering and art, Kubaz often become embroiled in shady operations such as smuggling and spying.

Kubaz can speak Galactic Basic but with a curious nasal sound.

Famous Kubaz

  • Garindan, local informant on Tatooine

Racial Stat Modifiers

Str Plus: +1
Dex Plus: +2
Wis Plus: +3
Int Plus: +2     
Con Plus: +0
Cha Plus: -3
Lck Plus: +0
Hit Pts : 1000
 AC Mod : +0

Racial Level Modifiers

combat                  Modifier: +0
piloting                Modifier: +10
engineering             Modifier: +10
bounty hunting          Modifier: -75
smuggling               Modifier: +45
diplomacy               Modifier: -60
leadership              Modifier: -40
force                   Modifier: +0
espionage               Modifier: +50
slicer                  Modifier: +40
medical                 Modifier: -10
science                 Modifier: -15