D 200X - Early Summer 2005


Create a Basic Personality: Dry humor Create a Basic History: Able pilot from Naboo, squeeze out of promotion Select a Race: Naboo Human Select a Class: Pilot (Smuggler)

Create a Detailed History:

Create a Detailed Personality:

Beliefs: Might makes right
Faith:   Corruption of NR which failed his pilot advancedment should be stopped
Reactions to others:
  Organizations: NR: disdain, MI: disdain
  Races: None
  Develop neutral emotes
	Lets do it then
	Prepare for battle
Moral Code: Quest for pilot mastery
Ambitions/Goal: ISD Captain
Thoughts on his weakness: Intense focus pilot, bad manners diplomatically
Attitude ideas: Who cares if it isn't pilot related


This tall lanky human male is around 6'7" tall and approximately 165 pounds. His tanned skin is perfectly smooth and he is has a nice symmetry to his bearing. His dark brown hair is smartly cut with a current style and is immaculately in place. High cheekbones flow smoothly up to frame two soft sky blue eyes. His long fingers move deftly with a certain grace.


Military Uniform, basics
a crimson Shirt
A pair of denim jeans
a pair of soft leather boots
a pair of heavy work gloves
a flight helmet
Navy Uniform
makearmor body &R&r&zAn Olive-Grey Double-Breasted Tunic&w
makearmor legs &R&r&zA pair of Olive-Grey Trousers&w
makearmor feet &R&r&zA pair of Black Boots&w
makearmor hands &R&r&zA pair of Short-Sleeved Black Gloves&w
makearmor arms &R&r&zA pair of Olive-Grey Sleeves&w
makecontainer waist &R&r&zA Black Belt with a Sidearm Holster&w
makearmor head &R&r&zAn Olive-grey Cap with Silver Disc&w


Name: Krastan Emeri
Place of Birth: Naboo
Parents: Commodore Treth Emeri and Ula
Siblings: None
Legal: N/A
School: Naboo Merchant Marine Freqighter School
School: Theed City Advanced Defense Pilot Course
Occupational References:
FLt: Various Local Taxi Shuttle Service
Captain: IPC InterPopulationCenter Freighter Pilot
Co-Pilot Freighter: Inter-galactic Systems Inc
Pilot: Naboo Defense Fleet Fighter
Co-Pilot: MoonLight Industries Barloz Freighter
Crew: Appointed to ISD 'Nova' never served
Spouse: None.
Offspring: None
Languages: Basic


soft yellow

Defining moment

23:31 [Imperial War Network]{Navy}<Recruit>[Krastan]( softly ): yeah I'm here. Naval Cadet Emeri reporting,  studying large ship tactics in the Korriban library.
23:31 [Imperial War Network]{Diplomat}<Ambassador>[[[Wesley]]]: Excellent job, Recruit!!
23:31 [Imperial War Network]{Diplomat}<Ambassador>[Wesley]: I could use a good man like you on my crew
23:31 [Imperial War Network]{Army}<First Lieutenant>[A Falleen female]( softly ): How are you Ambassador?
23:32 [Imperial War Network]{Diplomat}<Ambassador>[Wesley]: I'm quite well, thank you for asking Miss...
23:32 [Imperial War Network]{Navy}<Recruit>[Krastan]( softly ): Well Ambassador, you put me on the bridge and stuff goes.
23:32 [Imperial War Network]{Navy}<Rear-Admiral>[A Human male]( curtly ): Unfortunately for you Ambassador, once the recruit is  trained he is likely to get his own command.
23:32 [Imperial War Network]{Diplomat}<Ambassador>[Wesley]: Well pardon me, then
23:33 [Imperial War Network]{Navy}<Recruit>[Krastan]( softly ): Thats what I do best Admiral.
23:33 [Imperial War Network]{Navy}<Rear-Admiral>[A Human male]( curtly ): Train hard, I am here with KDY building our future generation of warships.


Race:  17 year old Naboo   [Force rank: None]
Hitroll: 12   Damroll: 05   Armor: -0219  Align: [======|======]
Hit Points: 564 of 564     Move: 1963 of 1990
Str: 18  Dex: 25  Con: 18  Int: 25  Wis: 25  Cha: 21  Lck: ??  Frc: ??
combat            Level: 78 /81    piloting          Level: 114/120*
engineering       Level: 88 /90    bounty hunting    Level: 1  /1  
smuggling         Level: 105/105   diplomacy         Level: 106/107
leadership        Level: 114/116   espionage         Level: 75 /78* 
slicer            Level: 24 /25    medical           Level: 77 /80 
science           Level: 150/150   force             Level: ???/???


Died to lava as it ate the planet Korriban.


#CLASS {28Jan04|aRP|KrastanEmote} {disable}
#ALIAS name {say I'd be a certain Mr. Emeri at your service.}
#ALIAS help {#IF (%numparam()!=0) {~help %-1} {#SH white billowy shirt - storm trooper armor;#SH white billowy pants - imp naval armor;#SH white billowy sleeves - gems;#SH pressed shirt - contraband/bh;#SH pressed pants - tools;#SH pressed sleeves - packages}}
#ALIAS report {speak basic;clan_greet;#SH clan Lieutenant Emeri reporting,%char(32);clan Lt-Commander Emeri reporting,%char(32)}
#ALIAS dotitle2 {title Krastan Emeri the naboo}
#ALIAS docomm {#IF (%lower(%1) == empi) {tune copper 36;setenc copper 74};#IF (%lower(%1) == atta) {tune copper 28;setenc copper 82};#IF (%lower(%1) == Aler) {tune copper 25;setenc copper 37};#IF (%lower(%1) == Zeta) {tune copper 93;setenc copper 82};#IF (%lower(%1) == Base) {tune copper 22;setenc copper 73}}
#ALIAS enteraw166 {refuel aw166 full;open aw166 54890;enter aw166;close}
#ALIAS tip {emote chews at something and makes a to and fro kind of nod.;#NOOP}
#ALIAS dotitle {#SH title &cI&zmperial &cN&zaval &cC&zadet &cK&zrastan &cE&zmeri, &zlast post &cISD N&zova&G;#SH title &cI&zmperial &cL&zieutenant &cK&zrastan &cE&zmeri, &zlast post &cISD N&zova&G;#SH title &cL&zieutenant-&cC&zommander &cK&zrastan &cE&zmeri, temporarily with &cISD R&zelentless&G;#SH title &cL&zieutenant-&cC&zommander &cK&zrastan &cE&zmeri&G;title &cL&zieutenant-&cC&zommander &cK&zrastan &cE&zmeri&z ~|IN~| was &BISD R&zelentless&G}
#ALIAS nod {say %case(%random(1,3),Sure.,ya ya,whatever);~nod;#NOOP}
#ALIAS doemote {#EXEC %item(@KrastanEmotes,%random(1,%numitems(@KrastanEmotes)))}
#ALIAS imm {clan %-1}
#VAR KrastanEmotes {emote chews on something.|emote pulls something from his mouth.;emote chews off a segment of something and spits it out.;emote puts something back into his mouth.|emote blows and a white pasty substance begins to make a bubble when it is brought back into his mouth.|emote smacks his jaws somewhat.|emote makes a slight popping sound with his mouth.}
#TRIGGER "bott" {The entry hatch to the simulator opens.} {.sn} "" {disable}
#BUTTON 52 {AlevxAHumanfemale} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} "" {} {} {}