Name: Isai Coren
Age: 32
Origins: Born on Alderaan.
Occupation: Acolyte to the Sith
Titles: Darth Endemi, Dark Mistress
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pale Blue
Height: 5'0"
Theme Song: "Hell is Round the Corner" by Tricky

I have never been as dangerous as people give
me credit for... my only real talent is survival.

   'The Following is classed as current IC Historical Information.'

1st March 2007 - 31st October 2007. Old Republic Era


Soft black curling hair the color of shining onyx falls loosely like a torrent of rapids to the middle of her back. Tucked over her left ear is a single long braid decorated with jeweled beads. Waif thin arms lead to silky hands which often move with the grace of a dancer. Perfectly shaped eyebrows playfully arch over thick lashes that frame her pale blue eyes. She wears her mood in those eyes and they are as cold as the ice of Hoth. Framed by thick black lashes and usually half lidded, they stare off into some place known only to herself. Delicately curvaceous, her dimunitive frame stretches just a little over five feet tall and is fitted with form fitting black robes and matching leather strapped armor. A long staff is holstered to her back, ebon in color to match her hair with an inlay of silver filigree. Not a blemish can be seen on her flawless alabaster skin, save a beauty mark on her right cheek. Like a white moth against a starlit sky, her skin seems to glow against the ebon of her hair. Her full lips are painted a dull crimson to match the liner around her eyes. If her neck is visible the beginnings of red and black glyphs can be seen tattooed along the sides and back.

Character Sheet

Character Motives: Ultimately loyal to three people, herself, Master Aizen, and her fellow apprentice Kithor (in that order), Isai is a different sort. Since being infused with the force by Libidinious, Isai has grown into somewhat of a hedonist. Taking pleasure in the pain of others and always craving more of that same pleasure. Anyone that stands in her way or seeks to harm her is seen as an enemy and unless they grovel appropriately will always be seen as such. Isai lavishes in the attention she receives from the minions in the order but grows bored of anything very quickly. Aside from the betrayal of Master Aizen and Kithor, Isai will do anything to stay alive, absolutely anything.

Character Strengths: Isai's greatest strength is her cunning, her wit, and her mind. Thus far she has been able to think herself out of every dangerous situation she has been in. One of her other strengths, much to the delight of her fellows, is her imagination and inventiveness when it comes to torture and dealing with breaking the wills of those opposed to them. She has no rival among the Sith when it comes to interacting with prisoners in the cells and takes great pride in that fact.

Character Downfalls: Hedonism, ego verging on the edge of a god complex, and conceit. Isai is the very model of all three of these things. She is able to feign humility for short periods of time but unable to grasp any concept of goodness or charity if there is no reward for her. She is completely selfish and if someone other than her master makes a demand of her she will ignore it unless bribed. Isai's greatest fear is her own mortality. Since the death of her husband, Illiam, she has driven herself to great lengths to seek out immortality to avoid her own death.

Character Quirks and Other Miscellaneous Information: Isai enjoys the many consumable pleasures the galaxy has to offer, her topmost favorites are grilled nerf and cheese sandwiches and coffeine. She stays away from alchohol and spice, not liking the dullness of her senses for even a moment. She has no desire for physical pleasure, draining all that she needs from the emotions of others and the force. Were it not for the lack of gifts, Isai would very happily remove herself from the company of others in pursuit of her other fancies.


Accessing Public Datanet File Number 58437-277A...
Access granted. Displaying file
Subject Name: Isai Coren
Subject Age: 32
Subject Place of Birth: Alderaan
Subject Parent(s): Asano and Sairin Faeroun
Subject Sibling(s): None
Subject Spouse(s): Illiam Coren (Alderaanian, Deceased);
Subject Offspring: Ad'jaro, son by Tyr'niil Arbiter (Taung); Kezriana Coren (adopted)
Primary Source of Education
-Alderaa University: Graduated on the President's list in her B.Sc. in Engineering
Employment History
-Barge Technician 1st Class, Alderaa Security
-Director of Engineering, Sorosuub
-Director, BioZan Pharmaceuticals
-Sith Acolyte, Sith Order
-Sith Instructor, Sith Order
History File
A graduate of Alderaa University, she made a name for herself in the Republic through her work as the director of Engineering at Sorosuub. The death of her husband, Illiam Coren, caused her to leave that position and exile herself to Nal Hutta where she joined ZannCorp as the director of BioZan Pharmaceuticals. After a few eventful mishaps, including the near devastation of Wroona due to the plague and the attack of Alderaan by the Ineocaris beast, Isai was taken by Libidinious and unheard of until she emerged once more as an acolyte of the Sith.
Subject Notes
See Subject File - Illiam Coren
See Company Files - Sorosuub, ZannCorp
See Organizational Files - The Sith Empire, The Sith Order
Named the "Mistress of 6" card in the Galactic Republic's Sith terror hit list
Believed to be armed, hostile, and criminally insane
Criminal Record
Wanted by the Galactic Tribunal for crimes against being
Wanted on Hapes for assault, affiliation with piracy
Wanted on Alderaan for kidnapping, extortion, theft, conspiracy to commit murder, terrorism, conspiracy to murder a monarch
Wanted on Wroona for 3 counts of kidnapping, extortion, attempted murder, genocide (unleashing a virus which nearly killed all living things on the planet)
Closing link. Thank you for accessing the Public Datanet....

Public Datanet.... Publi....

* * the screen blips and fades to black before powering on again by itself... The grainy and repeating image of a divine looking woman appears on the screen. Her lips begin to move out of sync with the words coming from the speaker * *
Congratulations T-t-traveler...
* * The image blinks out and then fades back in, this time a little clearer and in time with the sound * *
Congratulations Traveler, you have managed to access my private datafile. Though I am surprised someone of your intelligence capable of such an act, I am willing to bestow on you a certain reward for such efforts.
Should you dare to venture to find my home you will come into possession of some items of extreme value. Included in this small list are my notes on the construct of the virus that nearly wiped out Wroona and my notes on the cybernetics project which although a failure produced the Ineocaris. You will also find my prize, the notes, genetic material, and three Binousilidi egg sacks. I warn you to be very cautious in their use... they can be quite formidable even at birth.
Should you attempt any action toward my son.... you will find not only me and mine after you, you will have his father to deal with.
Take care, traveler, you will need it.
* * The image fuzzes a little, blinks three times, and then fades out * *

The Story (some are in game logs reposted for all)

In the Beginning

Alderaan, a planet of beauty, peace, and ruled by those abundant in force. For the lower classes, the commoners, those with no ties or claims such lofty goal are too far from reach to even fathom. The family Reid held the crown for as long as many could remember, and as long as they did, things were good. To the common class a girl was born; a girl with pale white skin, jet black hair, and lips as pink as the petals of a flower. Her parents were pleased as she was born healthy (though small and quite frail) and they all lived in a tiny community on the outskirts of Aldera city.

Her name was Isai Faeroun, daughter to Asano and Sairin, she was a perfect blend of the two of them. Jet black curly hair like her father; pale white skin the color of the moon, like her mother. All three shared the same color of pale blue eyes, a common trait for the area. Isai's eyes were a bit weaker than other children's, forcing her to wear a pair of corrective lenses. She didn't mind, always preferring to have her nose in an old book or datapad with a new chip loaded into it. Asano used to joke that she would read food labels if they were in front of her, something not far from the truth. She was as smart as a whip and when the time came to be placed into the Aldera Academy she received nearly perfect marks. There was only one aspect of Isai's character that worried her parents, that was how introverted she was. When asked anything by a stranger, she would defer to her parents for the answer, hiding behind them for safety. Asano blamed this on the remoteness of their home and in an effort to integrate their daughter to people outside their home, he began to look for employment within Aldera city. When Isai was seven, her family moved from the countryside into the city where Asano began his career with the Royal Engineers under a newly appointed owner, Eeth Reid. Some say it was at this time, when Isai was still young, that her first contact with Chizzel Demoral was made. Later in her life, after things had gotten twisted, he claimed to have visited her family's home and sat for tea with her parents on multiple occasions. Of these claims, Isai has no memory, but she does not discount them as her first years in the city were not the happiest of times for her and thusly, she had tried to forget them.

Aldera Academy was somewhat of a shock to the young Isai. She was sixteen years old and freshly graduated from the academy. A year younger than the rest of the students, she tried to keep a low profile and was quite successful until she met a young man named Illiam Coren. Illiam was everything that Isai was not; extroverted, boisterous, popular, and most of all quite wealthy. The young woman was quite jealous of the education he was being afforded, as he was a tier above her at the University. His grades were simply passable though and she was partnered with him to keep him from failing. Nearly the entire semester went by without incident, that is, until one night a very bald shaved nerf appeared in the hallway of Isai’s dormitory. The large creature was adorned in various pairs of women’s underclothing gathered from every room in the building and it was frantic. It took four officers to subdue the beast long enough to get it out of there. Needless to say, none of the underwear it was wearing was ever claimed.

(More to come.....)

Something Wicked This Way Comes

These are think logs of a development Isai was working on... the first result was somewhat unexpected

{ Sat Apr 14 18:09:02 2007 } Zannos has put me to the task of finding out if electronic enhancements would work better than enhanced armor. I believe he was talking of a sort of implant. As I can see, every species in the galaxy has a much different physical anatomy, I will have to ponder this very carefully.

{ Mon Apr 16 05:17:40 2007 } The anatomy of the different species I have scanned all have different patterns, though many carry the same principles. A brain center, some sort of muscle structure, some carry bones while others none... neurological enhancements seem to be the easiest design as long as I am able to overcome any complications in brain surgery. Perhaps an outer implant that attaches around the base of the skull. It would impede a helmet, but perhaps in time this too could be looked at.

{ Mon Apr 16 21:15:32 2007 } I must do more autopsies, the haruflie population of Nal Hutta is quickly diminishing due to my diligent efforts to find an answer to the question of the enhancements. Can beings truly be infused with machinery to make them stronger, faster, healthier, smarter... I will begin designing possible implants using the blank blueprints bought on Lorrd. Outer implant for neurological stimulation is all I can see for now, my skills with wounds is not as great as I would like. I am left with little room for error, I shall begin my experiments on the Haruflies and work my way to more sentient beasts. Perhaps Zannos will grant me some gamorreans to experiment on, he has enough of the guards and I only need... perhaps a dozen or so.

{ Tue Apr 17 01:05:55 2007 } I have been designing and drawing a schematic for a neuro implant, or outplant if you will... it attaches permanently to the base of the skull and sends chemicals to stimulate higher brain function. I have found that low dosages of spice may aid in this, though I will need to study the effects of the spices much further.

{ Tue Apr 17 10:37:04 2007 } Thus far I have only been able to get a hold of unrefined spice. The haruflies are not responding well to it at all. Perhaps if I lower the dosages they will respond a bit better and become more stimulated. Though the design of the neuro stimulator seems to fit well and I believe I may even be able to refine the design to a smaller one, allowing the use of a helmet. I still believe firmly that spice is the answer, in low dosages. If spice does not work, I will need to begin research with living tissues and cells. Trying to meld different species together to make living implants.

{ Wed Apr 18 07:47:08 2007 } I believe I have managed a working implant. Subject 37a, a haruflie female, approximately one year old, has responded well to the implant. She is experiencing none of the complications I have had with my previous subjects. Seizures seem to be the most common side effects of the implants, hopefully the new design curbs the side effects of the previous ones. I would hate to release a design to the public that is so dangerous.

{ Wed Apr 18 17:33:35 2007 } Subject 37a seems to still be responding well to the implant, I have observed no adverse effects of the implant. I have noticed that I can shield her head with things as well. Today I have started on Subject 1b, he will be testing out my strength implant, hopefully my adaptation of the neuro implant will be successful and I will not have to kill as many of these poor creatures as I did with the A-line.

{ Thu Apr 19 07:46:16 2007 } I have declared subject 37a to be a success. She is showing no ill effects from the implant and is learning more tricks every day. She was part of a litter of 6, of which only 2 survive. One of them is the control and she is the other. Compared to the other, another female I have labeled Control5a, 37a is more responsive to command. I am uncertain whether she is able to understand what I say, but she can recognize certain words. In more devastating news, the spice formula I was using in the muscle implants was too strong a dose and has killed my entire litter of haruflies. I am in the process of redesigning it, perhaps I will try a genetic route and try to incorporate gammoreans into it. There are definitely enough of them around Nal Hutta, I am certain one or two could be afford for Zannos' developments.

{ Fri Apr 20 19:06:55 2007 } I am still in the process of designing a strength enhancer. I fear I'm going to need glasses soon, my eyes can't handle the darkness of Nal Hutta. Perhaps I could replace them with little implants of their own. Good thought, but I an uncertain how many people would risk losing their eyesight for a pair of tiny machines. The scope of these implants is so wide ranging, I can barely contain my imagination. For now, I will concentrate on the new strength design and trying to mix gamorrean strength with the haruflie structure.

{ Sat Apr 21 21:31:33 2007 } I believe I have had a breakthrough with the design of the strength implant. I believe I do need to go the genetic route with them, it is now a matter of finding all of the right components to add into the machinery. I have been working diligently toward the ends of creating a small enough implant that it will be virtually impossible for the bearer to feel that it is inside of him, or her.

{ Mon Apr 23 23:38:02 2007 } Two days ago I perfected my design on the strength implant, I fear now it is too perfect. The new haruflies have grown at least quadruple in size and strength. No longer are they the playful and gentle beasts that I've grown accustomed to since coming to Nal Hutta. The new beast, I have dubbed the Ineocaris, has mutated beyond what I ever could have expected. I believe it has something to do with the laish and rancor matter that I have introduced to the implant. Could it be that the non-sentience of the beasts that I took the strength from also transferred to the new beast? I will need to quarantine Nal Hutta and myself until I can kill the entire stock of them. I just hope I am not too late.

{ Tue Apr 24 05:59:10 2007 } I have taken my first dose of spice, zwil, and I cannot find what sort of benefits it is supposed to give me. I shall not be using it to enhance any of the haruflies. Perhaps one of the other spices I have procured will aid in my search for the strength that I seek.

{ Tue Apr 24 23:51:22 2007 } I have taken on an apprentice, an Omwati named Swilik. I am hoping the haruflies take to him as well as he to them. I fear I will need to use him as a bit of a bounty hunter. A few of the Ineocaris beasts have escaped their cages. I have been searching the bogs for them, but have had no luck as of yet. One of them, Subject 7b is a pregnant female. I am afraid she will give birth before we catch her.

{ Wed Apr 25 06:31:41 2007 } My greatest fear has now been realized. The Ineocaris has indeed escaped, I don't know what to do. I feel responsible for all of those lives lost, but I can't come forward. If I do they will imprison me and my work will never be complete. My work is the only thing that matters now, I need to finish the work I started, the implants. I will try to dispatch of the rest of the beasts as I can, but they are so strong...

{ Wed Apr 25 19:09:49 2007 } I am wracked with guilt over what I have done. The Ineocaris is loose and I fear breeding off Nal Hutta. The Echani woman Corrine is killing them all, my children. My poor, innocent little Ineocaris. They were likely only scavenging for food, they don't know what they should and shouldn't eat. Perhaps with an intelligence implant I can breed a new and smarter generation that can be trained. I don't want to kill them all, or see them die... they are innocent.

{ Thu Apr 26 04:44:25 2007 } I have found one of the escaped Ineocaris. The rest, they must be a new generation, or more... they seem to breed at an exponential rate. Dakos and I have been on Alderaan for a while now... I will keep searching, I cannot let anyone find the implants on the creatures.

{ Thu Apr 26 07:05:38 2007 } They've begun forming into packs... generally roaming with one alpha and three omegas. I have been trying to capture one of the lower generations alive, to see how or why they were able to breed to such immense forms without the implants. They are immune to stunning, all the ones I have been able to see. A Mon Calamari from A.R.E. is in the midst of the fray, in the way... I fear he knows more than what he is letting on.

{ Thu Apr 26 21:04:13 2007 } Earlier today I tried to capture one of the beasts with the aid of some warriors on Alderaan. Among them were one of the Jedi and a Senator in the Republic. So eager to kill the poor creatures and more eager to steal what knowledge I have of them. I must find a way to capture them and get them off of the planet. I need to study the new generations and find out exactly how they were able to be born as strong, perhaps even stronger, than my original creations. I have let the name of the creatures out into the public, they deserve the dignity of their name, rather than be called 'beast'. I must be more wary in my approach to the research of the creatures, I cannot let the republic or the Jedi find their origins.

{ Fri Apr 27 19:56:02 2007 } I believe the Ineocaris have been nesting near the pier, I must find out where and try to find some useful aid in their capture. I have informed Zannos of what I have done, he did not seem displeased by anything but my failure to develop a working implant. I was informed that I must find a way to rid ZannCorp of any liability of the beasts and to get my remaining stock off Nal Hutta through any means possible. I must find a buyer, or a planet that is uninhabited for them. Firstly, I must capture those on Alderaan.

{ Sat Apr 28 01:16:07 2007 } A man named Libidinious took me off Alderaan during the extermination of my children. He has promised many things, delivered on nothing thus far. He brought me to a scarred world full of strange men, they call themselves Sith. Strangely enough, I am more angry and saddened at the loss of my children than I am at the prospect of living here a prisoner. When I am able, I will begin experimenting with them.

{ Sat Apr 28 07:17:48 2007 } Zannos and I have designated channel 2467 so that I might keep him apprised of my situation. It is useful to know that I am able to receive drones on this planet. I must fin out more about it, where it is located and how to get here so that I may have a chance to rescue.

{ Sat Apr 28 21:25:38 2007 } They believe that they can thwart any plan of escape that I may have. They don't seem to grasp that should I complete my task and be released, I will have escaped from them. I will be successful and I will triumph over them. They are not as intelligent as I am or as cunning. Just because they are able to use force... I have my own methods, my children will help me in my escape.

{ Sun Apr 29 00:51:49 2007 } think On to my work with the Ineocaris again.... this time with a different goal in mind. Libidinious is wishing for a battle machine, therefore I must make them stronger, faster, more potent. I am uncertain if the latter generations on Alderaan were completely destroyed, if not I will try to find one to study it. They mutated so well and so quickly, I can only hope to reproduce this effect to secure my release from this place of death and decay.

{ Sun Apr 29 05:59:56 2007 } Reduced to armorer, they will all pay for this. Every last one of them. I can see my beautiful hands, each developing a callous of their own. My genius, my beautiful mind... wasted on such paltry efforts as this. Humble work, be damned... this is the work of those lower than myself.

{ Sun Apr 29 07:23:42 2007 } Aizen has brought me a marvelous subject to begin with. A large dragon type of creature even more fearsome than a haruflie. I have enhanced it with my latest intelligence implant design. If this operation is a success, this beast will be the mother of a new breed of Ineocaris. They will be stronger, faster, more intelligent and perhaps even tameable. I am keeping the blueprints of the new design with me, this one encompasses my own matter as well as spice. I have five implants build altogether, should this one fail, which I highly doubt it will... I have more to improve on.

Isai looks around and then stalks to an operating table. Digging through her pack, she pulls out a case containing several syringes and a vial of fluid. Laying that carefully on the table, she turns to the wall and takes a blueprint from her pack. She fastens the blueprint on the wall, looking at it you can see an intricate design of something that looks like a circuit. She stares at the blueprint for a long while before she turns back to the case on the table.

A smile crosses the fine features of the small woman, "Wonderful, this is even better than a haruflie." Isai pulls a syringe from the small case and begins to move toward it. She runs her hand over the back of the creature before finding a spot near its right shoulder and digging the syringe in. Slowly the lids of the creature begin to close and she pushes it lightly as it falls over to sleep.

Taking a scalpel from a secured case in a pocket of her coveralls, she makes a small incision in the base of the skull. A bit of blood spurts out and splashes across her face. The small device is implanted into the cranial cavity of the creature and then she looks at about. Taking her datapad she begins to record, "We shall see how this implant takes. Once that has been determined I will need material from more beasts and a few more of these dragon creatures."

The slumbering dragon stirs a little in its sleep, shifting its legs slightly before becoming still once more. Isai pulls the datapad from her pack and scans the creature carefully. A few bleeps are heard from her direction before a small flash of light illuminates her face. She frowns lightly and moves to the beast, examining the durasteel plate on the back of its head. She opens a panel in the plate and grabs her hydrospanner, making small adjustments here and there.

{ Mon Apr 30 18:50:18 2007 } They force me to do battle with Xisnar, I believe to humble and humiliate me. During this time they try to teach him about harnessing his hate when in fact all they do is release mine. Xisnar is a fool, unworthy of any power. I offered him eternal life and he refused, saying merging with my creations would lower him. He is far from the perfection that I am creating, even further from the perfection that I am. He trains to destroy life, when I create it with my own hands. I am a life giver, I am more powerful than their force, more powerful than any of them. Jedi, Sith, they are but two sides of the same credit. I am something completely different, beautiful, genius, perfection.

{ Mon Apr 30 22:17:18 2007 } Master Libidinious has brought me two creatures, on from Ryloth, the other from Corellia... and a third mostunexpected gift, the Senator of Wroona. Long has her voice been a strain to my senses over the comms, now I may finally exact the suffering she deserves for forcing me to listen to the blithering idiocies of that zabrak couple. I shall use a part of her brain for my intelligence implant. Master Libidinious wishes an intelligent Ineocaris, he shall have it, though it will be tamed by me and listen to its mother first and foremost.

{ Tue May 1 00:15:20 2007 } The woman is truly infuriating, she encompasses everything snivelling and whiny that there is in the galaxy. I offered her the glorious opportunity to be the brood mother of my new creation and she actually begged Master Libidinious not to allow me to perform the experiments. I have confided in her that it was I that released the virus on Wroona. She seemed surprised, do I look that unassuming that people think I am not a danger or a threat? A gift and a curse, I suppose. Master Shoan seemed quite surprised when he finally discovered that the Ineocaris were my creation. He boasted about cutting them down at the Chancellor's wedding. Well, I will introduce him to the new breed, they will be much better than before.

{ Tue May 1 07:22:34 2007 } Senator Sybilla is weak in both mind and body. She is quite unsuitable for any experimentation save autopsy. Her blood does not mesh well with my new Ineocaris and therefore she cannot be used as a brood mother. She helped me out of the cuffs and therefore I owe her a boon, a favor. I will return it in kind, by not giving her much pain in my experimentation, if at all.

{ Tue May 1 19:13:33 2007 } Master Libidinious gave me a lesson of death today. "We are born for death, doomed from our first breath to return to it one day. To be a Sith, to be what I am is to fight against these terms of existence." I do not have the luxury of that choice, not at this moment. Up until now my immortality has come from my invention, my creations. He told me that when I am finished, when he is through with me he will give me the choice to break away from my fate. It was at that point that I resolved, I will create a new life, greater than anyone has ever seen. My new child will be the pinnacle of my existence, the epicenter of all that that is truly beautiful in this galaxy. As a gift to Master Libidinious, I will name it for him.

{ Tue May 1 20:14:16 2007 } My design of the beast is near complete and the first Hssiss is responding well to the intelligence implant. It is now time to begin construction of the cages. I have instructed Siol to gather forty pieces of durasteel ore, I will cut these into crystals to begin building some sort of energy containment field. I have laid the basic framework for durasteel cages with the resources available to me here. Once I am finished with the cages I will impregnate Raze with the first of the first generation of my newest creation which I have dubbed the Binousilidi. Should he survive the birth of the first creature I will heal him just enough to birth a second. It would please me greatly to be able to birth a dozen from him, but I do not believe him strong enough to withstand so much pain.

{ Sun May 6 00:23:26 2007 } Master Libidinious has brought me two more female subjects. The Echani woman Corinne and Grunkh, queen of the Gamorreans. I have found both to be suitable for hosting. They are quite strong, though Grunkh will require an intelligence implant so that she does not try to kill the children when they are born. The Echani will need to be sedated throughout her gestation as she has already uttered ill will toward my children. She has stated that she will try to kill them and herself if need me to stop the advancement of my work. I have bacta tanks that I can keep her in, if I need to. I am curious though, will her heritage afford the children some extra quality that I have not thought of, will Grunkh's? This is something I will need to ponder.

{ Sun May 6 05:28:27 2007 } It seems that it was the Wroonian virus that caused the inability in Senator Sybilla to carry my newest children. Both the echani and the gamorrean's blood are compatible. Due to the sheer size of the gamorrean, I shall implant two eggs into her at first, the echani will carry one. Gestation of the BInousilidi occurs in three stages. First the eggs are formed and laid by the Hssiss, then they are put into the tanks in the laboratory. The tanks are filled with all the remaining genetic material required to mutate the creature into its final form. The final stage of gestation is when the egg is implanted into the host, or incubator. This stage, I believe forms its cognizance. Taking the mental capabilities of its host, the child will develop a near telepathic bond with its host. To achieve this, I have implanted some Zeltron matter into the mix of the second stage. When properly stimulated, the child will urge the mother to protect it and care for it. I am hoping this will stave the echani from trying to hurt her offspring.

{ Wed May 9 18:39:49 2007 } The gamorrean and the echani have been released without my knowledge. This is most unfortunate since they both know what is to come and will likely run to the public to tell them what they have heard. No matter, no one will be able to stop my newest creation. It is the very essence of this desolate place and its wondrous inhabitants, they will mesh together well. The massassi hosts will likely garner the children's loyalty as a species. The first of my children has been implanted into the guard hosts. To ease incubation the guards have been placed into the tanks for the duration of their gestation.

{ Sat May 12 20:48:06 2007 } Raze has also escaped this place. Everyone leaves and I always remain. Perhaps it is a testament to my commitment to my projects, or my own foolishness. The Massassi guard that have been implanted with the eggs are responding quite well. In fact, they are almost ready for birthing. Later, when I have Master Libidinious' hand, I will retrieve them from their tanks and begin the operation to free my children.

{ Sun May 13 19:13:03 2007 } The first generation of Binousilidi has been birthed, each having a mass of between 6.5 to 7.5 kilograms. Unfortunately one of the Massassi perished during the ordeal but his offspring lived. It seemed that the child was too eager to leave its womb and burst out, feasting on its parent's dead body before trying to get out of the containment chamber. The first generation are wild, prone to attacking anything that moves. It seems they use movement and scent to track their prey. The endless Zeltronian blathering on the public channels has given me an idea. Perhaps if I could incorporate some of their pheremone glands into the new beast they could emit a calming scent. Lulling their prey into a false sense of security before ripping them from limb to limb.

{ Sun May 13 19:37:47 2007 } Master Libidinious informed me last night that he released one of my children onto Coruscant. He painted for me a wondrous vision of my child taking down a Jedi before it escaped into the sewers. Over the public channels I have just heard a someone asking how to get into the underground of Coruscant. It warms my heart to know that people are giving themselves as sacrifice to my beautiful and horrible child. Knowing that he will be well fed, perhaps even breed there should my Master see fit to provide him with a mate.

{ Mon May 14 08:55:51 2007 } The gamorrean is still in the cell, though she is a good subject for carrying my children I will not use her for such. I am intrigued by her and I believe I will begin a different sort of experiment with her. I wish to understand life, how it is created, how I can create without going through so many steps. Her majesty Queen Grunkh of the Gamorrean people will be my first sentient subject (as sentient as a gamorrean can be, of course). I will build onto her, into her, find out exactly what makes her function... and I will piece her back together much better than before. A melding of gamorrean, machine, and beast... perhaps if she is lucky, she will be allowed to be melded to my beautiful and wonderful children.

These conversations are a log of IC events and thusly are IC historical knowledge

Shoan Pt 1

CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: Starfall, on comms.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: It is nice to see you can differentiate between your comlinks.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: It helps when you can see. I have flaws, just like the rest of us. Are you safe, Isai?
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: Safe is a relative term, Mister Starfall. Unharmed, yes, for the time being.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: You needed information about turbolasers and ion cannons?
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: It's safe to assume you are still within the grasps of the Sith, then?
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: You may assume what you wish, I can neither confirm or deny, unless I do not wish to remain as relatively safe as I am.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: Understandable. Might I inquire as to what your captors intentions are? There've been no ransom requests.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: They are not interested in ransom. They are interested in what I have stored in my mind.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: Might I inquire as to what that is, exactly? If I can understand their intentions more, I may be able to do more to help you.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: No, you may not, Mister Starfall. For you were too busy speaking of philosophy and your force when you were most needed. From that, you may glean what you wish. You were on the other hand, asking about ion cannons and turbolasers?
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: Had I known something of this magnitude would have occured, Isai, it would not have happened. I want to rectify this and help you though. Your situation is much greater than mine.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: Something of this magnitude, yes well... that has not happened yet, Mister Starfall. I would say it is too late for me, but I think I am close to securing my own release. With no help from outside sources. Every time my name is mentioned on the comlinks, my life is in danger.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: I understand as much. You've got a lot of contempt because of this as well...Why do you want to help the Order?
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: Redemption for events yet to come perhaps?
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: Redemption...Isai...Please, just let us help you. There are a great many people who are concerned for your safety, and if what you say is true...And what I've been told is true...Things will turn out very badly for everyone.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: Most of all for my children.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: I wasn't aware you had children...I was told your husband passed on because of the Dark Orb Syndicate. Are they with you?
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: Not yet, they will be soon. As for Illiam, he is best left for dead.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: I thought you were securing your release? Why would your children need to be brought to you if you are going to be released soon?
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: What have you been told thus far, Master Starfall. I do not wish to piece together every event of my life, my time is rather short. I do not know how long I will be able to maintain our contact.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: Atleast let us help take care of your children then. I can bring them to Ossus, they'll be safe here.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: No, Master Starfall, they will not. I have seen your Jedi cut them down, they are safe only with me.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: ...Cut them...what? You're not talking about those creatures on Alderaan...are you?
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: They are not 'creatures' Master Starfall. They are my children, as much as any galactic whore bears natural offspring they are mine.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: Isai...They're aggressive and were attacking citizens. What would you have us do?
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: With the amount of them there were, we could not subdue each and every one of them.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: Stun and capture them? That Echani woman and the Taung had them stunned and then slew them as they lay on the ground. Things would have never escalated so far had we been able to capture the first escapees.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: But no one was interested in helping the unknown scientist, no, only for the glory of battle, the thrill of their dance.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: And they're both extremely destructive. But the Order isn't like either of them. When I was present for them, I had few options...The Chancellor was in direct harm, and on her very own wedding day.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: Pity the poor chancellor's wedding. Well there was no pity for the hungry beasts.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: There was very little we could do, Isai. Many were killed by them, and even more of them were injured.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: And yet... later you ignored the call in favor of philosophy. Master Starfall, our conversation is going nowhere. I can tell you that there is something terrible coming, and unless you can piece together the events up to my capture, you will have little defense against it. Now my time is over, and I must bid you farewell. Should you require me again, I am certain you know how to go about it. Do not send a drone, that will surely be the end of me.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: Fine enough. Fairwell, and stay safe.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: As safe as I can, Master Starfall. Good luck.

Shoan Pt 2

A voice inside your mind says 'If it is safe to do so, please speak with me on 2191, Isai.'
You tune An Ornate Wedding Band to channel 2191.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: I am listening.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: I spoke with Zannos and he's told me about what you were working on for him. You've strayed a bit from that path, haven't you?
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: I am simply listening, Mister Starfall. I do not have the luxury of answer.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: Very well.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: I believe I can help, but in order to help you, I need you to help me.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: If I'm not mistaken, there are people being abducted by the Sith all over the Galaxy and are being drug into this whole ordeal.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: It is their fate.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: Fate? Fate...Isai, fate is being altered by the Sith. Fate is a path that one walks on their own.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: Fate is a choice. These people are unwilling. I can help you continue your experiments where things will be cleaner and safer.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: It is their own hubris that brings them here.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: Is that it then? Do you truly wish to help the Sith, Isai? They're going to use your creations to destroy countless lives and then what? They'll be killed by Republic forces, and in order to protect innocent lives, we will be required to help as well.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: Why is that Mister Starfall? You did not help beforehand.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: People were falling and dying to my children before, you preferred to host discussions rather than save them. Is it not their fate once they begin to boast of how easily the Ineocaris are to kill to be killed by their successor? Is that not the cycle of life? Survival of the fittest?
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: I -have- helped on Alderaan.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: And such is true when the creatures are natural. The Ineocaris and the Sith, for that matter, are -not- natural.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: Ah yes... the Chancellor's wedding, I remember you telling me. But perhaps that was only in panic to save your own life, not in any capacity to aid others. I am natural, Mister Starfall, and as such anything I create is also natural. It belongs to the natural order of things.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: Hardly. I've never put my life before anyone elses, Miss Coren. There is no need to question my morals.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: And things that are created are not natural.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: Had I created, say, a plant capable of ridding hunger in the galaxy you would be applauding my efforts. Had my original ideas gone forth without a 'natural' mutation, you would have asked for my creations. Yet, they did not, and though I accept full responsibility for the way things have gone, I refuse to allow my work to go unfinished. The Sith are aiding me in that capacity, an aid that has come from no one else.
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: We can give you more than the Sith can. The Republic's resources are far more vast than that of the Sith. Cleaner work enviroments, voluntary patients of your own choosing, safer conditions...
CommNet 2191 [Shoan]: The possibilities are endless, Isai.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: The Republic can give me nothing but red tape, beurocratic nonsense and continuous stalling on my projects. Here I have complete autonomy, cooperation, and the promise of a brighter future for my children.
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: As a side note... what do you know of my work environment here... have you been here? Have you seen my laboratory and failed in any rescue attempt?
CommNet 2191 [Isai]: I will assume our discussion over, Mister Starfall. Goodnight.

The Jewel of Korriban

To be filled in later...

Exodus to Eos

To be filled in later...

The Ties that Bind

The Burial

This information is IC to all, these disks were sent to Aidev Demoral and would have been placed in the Alderaan palace

*as you load the disk into your datapad a small projection rises from it showing a scene of a mountaintop on Alderaan*

*the soft voice of a woman speaks over the ambient sounds of the wilderness*

"I apologize, King Demoral, that you were unable to attend the burial of your father... I attempted contact with you and was received with much hostility. I replay for you now the events which took place upon that mountain top where he lies, may he find the peace he had imparted to me in his last days."

Isai lays the linen wrapped body gently to the ground and pulls a shovel from her backpack. Methodically and with great care, she begins to dig a deep hole, throwing the dirt to the side in a neat pile. "Chizzel, my love, I hope this is one of your favorite places to climb to. I will miss you dearly..." she says to the corpse in a very low voice. The soft echo carries through the mountains, carrying the dulcet tones of her voice through the canyon.

A soft breeze wafts up to cool the woman as she continues to toil in the hole. The quiet shhnnk shhhnk of the shovel scaring away the various species of wildlife, though the butterflies accost the linen wrapped body in great numbers. Isai gazes at the body with no small amount of care and love as she climbs out of the hole and kneels beside it.

Isai lays the corpse into the grave and leans down to touch her forehead to his. She holds it there, letting a few of her tears drop to soak the linen in small round patches. Then she presses her lips to the spot her forehead had just been. A milky white hand reaches up to caress the side of his head before she takes in a shuddering breath and looks away. Slowly she climbs out of the hole and begins to turn the earth into it.

She pats down the dirt to compact it over the body and kneels before the grave. Reaching around her, Isai picks all of the wildflowers within reach and arranges them into a small nosegay to place at the foot of the hand hewn heart. Folding her hands reverently she begins to recite an ancient Alderaanian prayer to the dead in a strange language forgotten by time. The lilting melody of the prayer echoes through the canyon to haunt any hikers that may be picking their way through the mountain paths. The butterflies converge on the grave, surrounding the woman and landing all around the heart and herself.

As the song ends; the diminutive woman finally rises and gives the grave a low bow. "Good bye Chizzel, I fear this may be the last time I visit. If I am able, I will have my body rest next to yours. I am certain that our daughter would do this for me. You would be proud of her, my love. Though her skin is marred by her awful parentage, she has grown into a beautiful young woman and so intelligent... she has taken an interest in butterflies and politics; two of the things that encompassed your life." Isai then turns and makes her way down the mountain path, hugging herself against a chill felt only by her.

Crest of the Mountain
The mountain looks down upon the valleys on either side of its crest. To the
east a lush green valley spreads across the planets surface. The ruins of the
Killik City is barely visible in the distance. On the western side of the
mountain the valley is made up of craggy crevices and cutbacks that wind
through the hard scrabble rocky valley. A lone path cuts its swath through the
valley between mountains.
Obvious exits:
Down - Mountain Path
Southwest - Crest of the Mountain
a fresh grave is here

This small pile of dirt gently rises from the ground. Its color indicates the
soil was recently turned and the body placed within the final confines of its
eternal resting place. A small hand hewn stone heart serves as the
tombstone for this solemn and sacred patch of land.

The heart simply states:
Here lies the remains of Chizzel Demoral
Crown Prince of Alderaan, Senator of the Republic,
and the Love of one woman’s life..
He was placed here to be with his beloved planet
and animals, may he peer down upon them often from above.

King Demoral

{The Jedi Order}<Head Of Council>[A Human male]( calmly ): Where is the Dark Mistress.

{Sith Academy}<Dark Mistress>[Isai]: You may drone me a channel, King Demoral.

A voice inside your mind says 'Holo-Network channel 8889.'

You turn on the transmitter.

Command center [Command][Bank][Broadcast]
This is the command room of the tower, in which lies several systems, such as
security, broadcast, communications, and even a banking system. This room is
where the tower's owner commands it's residents, and is thoroughly intricate to
match it's important uses.
Obvious exits:
Northwest - (locked)
A pyramid-shaped holographic transmitter lies here.
<Holo> A Human male's image is projected forth here.

<Holo> A Human male whispers into a comlink.

Isai raises herself to her full height and sets her jaw at seeing the young man.

<Holo> [Alert] Unauthorized Galactic Republic personnel attempting entrance at Reception.

<Holo> A Human male looks at you with a sullen glance, his face changed somewhat since he last saw you. A slight beard grows upon his face, and he has an older, wiser look about him despite his relatively young age.

<Holo> A Human male clasps his hands in front of him. "I recieved your message, Dark Mistress."

Isai folds her hands behind her back and gazes at him, her pale blue eyes regarding him with no emotion to speak of, simply apathy. "I surmised that you would... as I announced over the Republic channels that I had sent you mail."

<Holo> A Human male breathes slowly. "I would have originally thought your claim of love for my father was some elaborate trick to play on me, to torture." He lowers his head a little. "But even before you sent this message, I did not believe that true. Many things are possible within the universe, love for an enemy is one of them." He tilts his head. "Did he return your affections, Coren."

Isai lowers her head and looks away from the holograph of the man, "His love for me is what killed him. He believed that in doing so... he betrayed you and your family." Her face still set in the stonelike countenance that bears no emotion to speak of.

<Holo> A Human male gulps deep, and his voice even seems to stammer a little at first as he speaks again. "Then in the short time he was with you, you brought him the contentment he has sought for many, many years. Contentment which I could not give him, that he could not acquire through the dangerous life he led that he did not have to, and all the women he attempted to date after my mother left." He seems to glare at you ominously, but then slowly bows to you in the Jedi fashion. He slowly, begrudingly, rises. "Thank you for that, Coren. And for his burial." His eyes narrow. "Make no mistake, I have not forgiven for the fate of my sister, or any of the other crimes you have committed." He sighs slowly. "But I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my father happy once more. For the last time."

Isai still refuses to look at the man, though her voice quivers ever so slightly at the mention of the elder Demoral. "Chizzel, I did not want this, King Demoral. His death is not what my Master and I wanted... Chizzel was a guest here, free to roam our temples. He could have left at any time he wished... but he did not." She glances over to the bearded man, finally and narrows her eyes slightly, examining him carefully. "Though your thanks are appreciated, they are not needed. For we are still at war, and in such times ugly things must be done. The things that I have done in my life, some I am not proud of, but make no mistake... your father saw no wrong in me that was not the result of years of... this..." She lifts one hand, exposing it to the room around her. "You failed me, Jedi... this curse... was brought by you."

<Holo> A Human male shakes his head slowly. "I wouldn't take your...curse away from you even if I alone had that ability, Coren. I've come to realize that the galaxy is like...a long, endless play." He points to himself. "I've got my role in it, you have yours, Kazuun has his." He holds out his hand. "Every sentinent, even non-sentinent being has a part to play. a rather large one. And I feel it is the will of the Force that you remain a vessel of it until you eventually pass into it." He narrows his eyes again. "If you want to remove the 'curse' from you, I know it is most futile, but use your curse for actual good. Save lives instead of breaking them, and do this for the rest of your life." He shakes his head. "That way, you may earn a spot...away from Chaos when you pass into the Force. Or at least a cool spot in it it."

Isai raises her chin proudly, her demeanor shifting visibly, "My 'curse' could have been used to bring back your father, I would have given my life... but you refused it. I will never forgive you and your order for failing me again, especially in something so important to me." She lowers her eyes and knits her eyebrows together, glancing off to the side, "A plague will come, King Demoral, a plague is coming... and as I warned Master Starfall before he so foolishly gave his life to Libidinious, I shall warn you... it will be my final act of compassion for the galaxy. Prepare yourselves, for many will die." With that, she reaches downward and turns the small pyramid at her feet, shutting the device off. The lingering resonance of her holographic signature wavers slightly, then flicks off, leaving nothing but an empty space.

You turn off the transmitter.

Death of an Era

To be filled in later...