F 2002 - D 2003

F 2002 - D 2003


You see an average looking human male before you. He has a pox riddled complexion, square jaw and high cheekbones. His green eyes twinkle when not hidden behind bushy eyebrows. His reddish-brown hair is smartly cut and tapered in the back. He appears to be about 5'6" and about 180 pounds with a strong build and is lightly tanned. He moves in quite a graceful way.


Score for Drakkon the Human.

Race: 21 year old Human [Force rank: None]
Hitroll: 11 Damroll: 09 Armor: 0055 Align: [======|======]
Hit Points: 510 of 510 Move: 1230 of 1230
Str: 23 Dex: 21 Con: 20 Int: 20 Wis: 20 Cha: 20 Lck: ?? Frc: ??

combat Level: 22 /68 piloting Level: 22 /70
engineering Level: 7 /145 bounty hunting Level: 1 /---
smuggling Level: 21 /46 diplomacy Level: 24 /75
leadership Level: 15 /80 espionage Level: 23 /63
slicer Level: 23 /58 medical Level: 24 /95
industry Level: 9 /100 force Level: ???/???

CREDITS: 10858 BANK: 25000 Pkills: 00000 Mkills: 00027
Weight: 00103 (max 0000800) Items: 00004 (max 00014)
Pager: ( ) 24 AutoExit(X) AutoLoot( ) Autosac( ) Cloned( ) Safe(X)
You are standing. You feel great.


Mhumanmale says 'I'm jakob, by the way.'
Jakob Clarkson - {Clark-Tech} [Founder] is standing here.
I joined Clark-Tech on Hapes Prime.


You are using:
<worn on body>      A Silk Undershirt                        layer1  body (superb) 
<worn on body>      A Cotton T-Shirt                         layer2  body (superb) 
<worn on body>      A Woven Kevlar Shirt                     layer3  body (superb) 
<worn on body>      A Flak Vest                              layer4  body (superb) 
<worn on body>      {Clark-Tech} Blue Pinstripe Tunic (superb) 
<worn on head>      {Clark-Tech} Leather Fedora Hat (superb) 
<worn on legs>      A pair of Polypropylene Longjohns        layer1  legs (superb) 
<worn on legs>      A pair of Cotton Longjohns               layer2  legs (superb) 
<worn on legs>      A pair of Light Weave Kevlar Leggings    layer3  legs (superb) 
<worn on legs>      A pair of Trousers                       layer4  legs (superb) 
<worn on legs>      {Clark-Tech} Blue Pinstripe Trousers (superb) 
<worn on feet>      A pair of Silk Socks                     layer1  feet (superb) 
<worn on feet>      A pair of Cotton Socks                   layer2  feet (superb) 
<worn on feet>      A pair of Reinforced Padded Wool Socks   layer3  feet (superb) 
<worn on feet>      A pair of Leather Boots                  layer4  feet (superb) 
<worn on feet>      {Clark-Tech} Blue Pinstripe Boots (good) 
<worn on hands>     A pair of Silk Gloves                    layer1 hands (superb) 
<worn on hands>     A pair of Nomex Gloves                   layer2 hands (superb) 
<worn on hands>     A pair of Oil Tanned Leather Gloves      layer3 hands (superb) 
<worn on hands>     A pair of Fingerless Street Gloves       layer4 hands (superb) 
<worn on hands>     {Clark-Tech} Blue Pinstripe Gloves (good) 
<worn on arms>      A pair of Polypropylene Sleeves          layer1  arms (superb) 
<worn on arms>      A pair of Cotton Sleeves                 layer2  arms (superb) 
<worn on arms>      {Clark-Tech} Package Bag (superb) 
<worn on arms>      {Clark-Tech} Blue Pinstripe Sleeves (superb) 
<worn on arms>      {Clark-Tech} Blue Pinstripe Survival Vest (superb) 
<worn about body>   A Polyester Microfiber jacket            layer1 about (superb) 
<worn about body>   A Wind-resistant Nylon shell jacket      layer2 about (superb) 
<worn about body>   A Resin Bonded Kevlar Jacket             layer3 about (superb) 
<worn about body>   A Syntheleather Coat                     layer4 about (superb) 
<worn about body>   {Clark-Tech} Blue Pinstripe Jacket (superb) 
<worn about waist>  A pair of Polypropylene Underwear        layer1 waist (superb) 
<worn about waist>  A pair of Cotton Underwear               layer2 waist (superb) 
<worn about waist>  A pair of Woven Kevlar Underwear         layer3 waist (superb) 
<worn about waist>  A Leather Belt                           layer4 waist (superb) 
<worn about waist>  {Clark-Tech} Blue Pinstripe Belt (good) 
<held>              A doctor's medical bag (Amount: 12) 
<worn on ears>      (Humming) An ear-mounted comlink (Channel: 1138) (Code: 0)
<worn on eyes>      (Glowing) Motion Detecting Infrared Goggles (superb) 
<worn over body>    {Clark-Tech} Trenchcoat (superb) 
<worn over body>    {Clark-Tech} Trenchcoat Liner (superb) 
<worn over body>    {Clark-Tech} Trenchcoat Padding (superb) 
<worn over body>    {Clark-Tech} Trenchcoat Underlay (superb) 
<worn over body>    {Clark-Tech} Open Trenchcoat (superb) 

Jakob went MIA

Engineer heads into Empire

Magus went missing and Khanar was looking for goods. Drakkon began to make armor and weapons for the Imperials who were then in the sidelines. Eventually providing ground information as a forward observer the bombs dropped on Coruscant versus the two jedi that were camped out.


Your request is being processed.
Subject Talderaa, Drakkon

Source: Haldster, Jarvis / Profession: Drovian Spaceport Guard Subject born to slug farmers which has moderate success with the local freightline company. Subject unruly and found mainly loitering around workshops. Having been used mainly as a gopher for minor engineering materials, subject left Nim Drovis aboard another's public shuttle. The 17 year old is quoted as saying he plans to hit the stars, leaving the primitive planet of Nim Drovis and its dismal fungus encrusted muck.

Source: Various Planet Spaceport Inclear Forms
Drakkon spends a lot of time and money on engineering apprentice work. Has done quite a few package runs to fund his training.

Source: Imperial Holding Cell Initial Processing Documents
A human male subject aged 24 was jailed due to his naive ignorance to the outclearing procedure after the Coruscant lock down. Kept for four years and was released for his minor offence of not giving due attention to Imperial checks. Held for so long due to his file being misplaced in Imperial bureaurocracy.

Source: Various ISD ship checks, Spaceport Forms
Subject is ferrying fewer much fine metal work products and seems to be concentrating on larger engineering projects.

Source: Imperial Credit & Loan
Coupled with the subject's family slug farm had a bum crop and the uncertainty the New Republic is treating business owners and applying laws. The family slug farm's credit rating has plunged.

Source: Imperial Pay System
Civilian Drakkon Talderaa is to be paid for services rendered. Subject is 50 years old. Documentation is signed Surface-Marshall Khanar.

Source: Imperial Records
Civilian Drakkon provided key information during the siege of Coruscant enabling the ISD to target the fleeing Jedi effectively.

Source: Imperial Records
Drakkon Talderaa is called into military service and promoted Sub-Lieutenant

Subject is 65

Drakkon the Navy Man

State of Affairs

[The Imperial Network]<->[Sinick]: My lord, do you have a moment? [The Imperial Network]<->[Vengaaar]: yes, meet me on the observation deck. Public Chat Network [yyyyhumanmale]: Does anybody know where I can purchase blank circuits? Public Chat Network [yccccbarabelmale]: I will give you some Public Chat Network [yccccbarabelmale]: Where are you Public Chat Network [A Sullustan male]: Tatooine CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: This is Syb Sheridan. Testing 1 2 3. Excellent. We shall begin momentarily. Public Chat Network [yyyyhumanmale]: I'm at the Cybernetics Office in Coruscant Public Chat Network [yccccbarabelmale]: I'll be right there Public Chat Network [Sheridan]: This is Syb Sheridan for GMS. Thank you for your patience. The broadcast will be beginning momentarily. Please tune your comlinks to CommNet Channel 1138. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: *catchy theme music plays in the background as the GMS logo fades in* CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Good evening, and welcoming to the GMS CommNet Channel. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: I am joined this evening with Chancellor Markoth of the New Republic who has been kind enough to share his time with GMS and our viewers thid day. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Thank you Chancellor. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: It is nothing more than my duty to the Republic to speak openly with an independent press. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Just as a reminder, all individuals are respectfully asked to refrain from making any extraneous remarks until the end of the interview when we will open the channel to you, the viewer. Thank you. [The Imperial Network]<->[Vengaaar]: Second Lieutenant Kritkeen is being cast out of the Empire under my orders. no one is to harm him. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: First off, Chancellor, thank you for taking the time to speak with the independent press. I'm sure your citizens have been looking forward to this public opportunity. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: If I may begin with a question I'm sure all of us have been interested in asking... CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: What was your career path that led up the Chancellery? Was it a difficult campaign to be elected? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The career path that I took to the Chancellery was like that of most of the Chancellors before me. I began as a simple liaison to the senate, and then served as a liaison to and envoy of the Chanceller.y CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: From there, I was asked to serve in the Republic Diplomatic Corps, through which I achieved the integration of Averam as a full member system of the Republic. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: For that accomplishment, the people of Averam elected me as their first senator since the days of the Old Republic. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: As a senator, I became an active participant in issues regarding the militancy of the Republic and its government procedures. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: When Chancellor Terentia chose to step down, she selected me personally as her successor. As I had previously found what I believe to be the last remaining copy of the Galactic Constitution, I was sworn in under that document. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: As such, I am the first Chancellor since the times of the Old Republic to be elected under true Republic law. [The Imperial Network]<->[Vengaaar]: all of you should listen to the interview on 1138. [The Imperial Network]<->[Vengaaar]: to better know our enemy. [The Imperial Network]<->[Aesir]: open bay [The Imperial Network]<->[Drakkon]: Duty Personnel reports that ISD Vidicator bay one doors opened and ISD anti-slicer monitoring is now off. [The Imperial Network]<->[Aesir]: open bay [The Imperial Network]<->[Drakkon]: Duty Personnel reports that ISD Vidicator bay one doors opened and ISD anti-slicer monitoring is now off. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The path was not a difficult one, but it was one that required a great deal of perseverence. I knew, however, that what I believed in was just, and it was the fact that I strove for that justice that made the path a less difficult one. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: I see. Quite a distinguished public service career I must say Chancellor. Does the Senator from Averam, present with us this evening on this broadcast, have any words to share regarding your ascension and service? One of the hangars on ISD 'Vindicator' slowly slides open. CommNet 1138 [A Human male]: The Chancellor had served Averam with all his will before me. During this time of Reconstruction people are needed to work as hard as they can to restore the Republic. Markoth's ascension to the Chancellorship was what was needed. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Thank you Senator. Chancellor, if I may be so daring to ask, in what ways do you distinguish your administration from the previous Chancellors? Zail, Indigo, Gambit, Terentia... CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: There are several obvious distinctions which I make, and I shall enumerate them before delving into more complex matters. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The first and foremost, I was elected by the senate under the Galactic Constitution, while those before me held their power by the New Republic Charter created by the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The New Republic Charter was concerned with the preservation of the Republic against the Galactic Empire, and as such it was an inherently militaristic document. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: This is what was necessary at the time, and what has been necessary since it was created, until now. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: This brings me to my second point - the previous Chancellors, out of great necessity, considered themselves in great part military leaders. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: I consider myself first and foremost nothing more than a senator chosen to lead with executive, rather than legislative, powers. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: Another distinguishing feature of my administration is my devotion to the separation of civilian government and military structure. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: Those this was accomplished to a substantial extent under the previous administrations, I seek to separate the two entirely to the point as was seen in the era of peace under the Old Republic. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: To summarize, my distinction is this: I have taken the actions of the previous administrations that have strived to return to the days of the Old Republic, and taken them to a greater degree than before accomplished. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: What you have done and what you intend to do are quite admirable indeed, Chancellor. Public Chat Network [A Trandoshan male]: imm how do u register as a bh? Public Chat Network [Immortal]: You don't. It's freelance CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: Though my statement may, after my previous answer, seem to be a bit of a paradox, I believe that the separation of the Jedi Council and Republic government is beneficial to Galactic affairs. Public Chat Network [A Trandoshan male]: is there a bounty hunters guild? Public Chat Network [ziiihumanmale]: the guild was disbanned long ago CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek male]: zalas I have a paycheque for you Public Chat Network [A Trandoshan male]: ahhhh nuts :( CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek female]: I would like to meet with you anyways...where? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: I shall explain myself, however. I believe that if the Jedi are needed as a force to watch over the Republic to ensure that problems, such as espionage, subversion, and other such forces do not become a problem. [The Imperial Network]<->[Aesir]: open bay [The Imperial Network]<->[Drakkon]: Duty Personnel reports that ISD Vidicator bay one doors opened and ISD anti-slicer monitoring is now off. CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek male]: I'll pick you up on my route CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek male]: hmmmm come to ryloth One of the hangars on ISD 'Vindicator' slowly slides open. CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek male]: just the pad. CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek female]: I am enroute to Corellia. [The Imperial Network]<->[Aesir]: close bay [The Imperial Network]<->[Drakkon]: Duty Personnel reports that Vidicator bay doors are closing and ISD anti-slicer monitoring is now on. CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek male]: re-route CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek female]: Understood. One of the hangars on ISD 'Vindicator' slowly slides shut. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: If the Jedi are acting as merely an arm of the Republic government, there would be two major problems. The first is simple: The Jedi would be subject to the very forces that they must strive to protect against. CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek male]: what is the designation of the vessel you pilot Commnet 1138 renew [The Imperial Network]<->[Aesir]: Executor, is the woman Nessai Terlyon to be killed? CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek female]: I am enroute to Ryloth...but... CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek female]: ...oh nevermind. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The second is a less clear problem. If the Jedi are a branch of the government, there is a chance that they could easily become a military force, and one that could possibly fall into improper or dubious hands. CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek male]: but what? [The Imperial Network]<->[Drakkon]: Last Release Intel on Nessai: 1) The Imperial Network-Vengaaar: now, your orders are to find her and kill her other rebel friends. 2) The Imperial Network-Vengaaar: and then once she no longer serves as good bait, kill her as well CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: With the Jedi separated from the Republic government, they are able to act as peacekepeers and guardians of the Republic without the problems that would otherwise face them. CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek female]: I am a Rylothian as you know...My past here is shaddy... [The Imperial Network]<->[Aesir]: Thank you, Captain. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: I see, Chancellor. In what diplomatic activities has the New Republic engaged since or even before your appointment? Will the New Republic ever achieve peace with the Galactic Empire, or for that matter, the Starstrikers? CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek male]: we shall not stay long CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek female]: Can we meet on a ship? CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek male]: I too have my stigmas that harbor here CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek male]: The pad, my dear CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: As for diplomatic activities, there have been many. One major goal of my administration is a reconstruction of the bonds that once existed between local governments and the senate. CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek female]: Ok then. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: Since my appointment, ninety-six agreements between the Republic and local agreements have been written, signed, and ratified. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: These range from simple law-enforcement matters to settlements over trade disputes. These are roles that have always been taken by the Republic, both the Old and New, and I intend to see to it that this process expands until the Senate and local pl CommNet 1902 [A Twi'lek male]: come in CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: planetary governments interact in the way that they once did under the Old Republic. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: As for lasting peace, I am a firm believer in a school of political thought which dictates that a state of peace is the final result of all of the Galactic struggles that we go through. How does the New Republic citizenry honor the previous Chancellors and their circumstances of... departure, if at all? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The New Republic honors the previous Chancellors as is fitting of their position - they are revered and considered great leaders. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The Senate building which is to be constructed in time is to have an office wing given the title of each of the previous New Republic Chancellors, in honor of their accomplishments and their sacrifices. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: As for the personal honor that I give them, I only strive to live up to their accomplishments and to devote myself in a manner befitting the position that they once held. Public Chat Network [A Lorrdian male]: There wouldn't happen to be any illustrious Jedi on Coruscant, would there? CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: I'm sure the New Republic citizens appreciate the memorials to the Chancellors who have preceeded your administration. If I may venture possibly further into a sensitive issue... CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: There were reports during the previous administrations that the New Republic is debilitated by rampant espionage. How has this affected the government's operation and will anything be done about it? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: Espionage has been a problem throughout the history of the Old Republic and the New Republic - in any free society, espionage can easily become a problem. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: When the government permits its administration to be open to the people, and when a government is civilian-based, a limited degree of espionage is inevitable. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: However, this espionage can be limited in any government. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The Jedi Order is an effective force for making certain that espionage is not a problem, but in the past under the Old Republic, there was not a strong Jedi presence in the government. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The Jedi Order is an effective force for making certain that espionage is not a problem, but in the past under the Old Republic, there was not a strong Jedi presence in the government. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: This was a mistake, and one that cost the Galaxy many lives. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: As such, I am currently working with the Senate on an amendment to the Galactic Constitution that would allow a Jedi presence in the Senate and civilian government in order to prevent espionage and eliminate the problem. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: Such a situation should quickly rectify the problem of espionage, and prevent other such problems that would otherwise occur within the Republic. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Thank you for such candid remarks, Chancellor. Along those same lines... CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: how has the departure of the Jedi Council during the Coreceren administration affected the New Republic? Is the separation between the mysticism of the Jedi and the functioning of the Republican state a good thing?

CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: These range from simple law-enforcement matters to settlements over trade disputes. These are roles that have always been taken by the Republic, both the Old and New, and I intend to see to it that this process expands until the Senate and local pl CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: planetary governments interact in the way that they once did under the Old Republic. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: As for lasting peace, I am a firm believer in a school of political thought which dictates that a state of peace is the final result of all of the Galactic struggles that we go through. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: Galactic Peace will be achieved eventually, and although I cannot promise that it will be under my administration, in my lifetime, or even within a century, I know that, in time, the Republic will see Galactic peace. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: I have been informed, Chancellor, that the Starstrikers, to which the New Republic is currently engaged in, if anything de facto, war, is a civilian organization. Could you comment on this course of action? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: It is the view of my administration that the rights of all civilians must be protected - whether they be citizens or non-citizens. However, in protecting those rights, it is necessary to look at a larger picture. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: I understand the Senator from Roche has a statement regarding this question, Chancellor? CommNet 1138 [ennest]: The New Republic has ceased attacks on the group know as the Starstrikers. As the New Republic has inniated the first steps towards peace we believe that the ball is now in their court. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Ah, excellent. I'm sure the citizens of the New Republic are relieved to know that such a potential crisis has been averted. Chancellor... CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: What do you foresee happening if the New Republic /is/ in a heightend state of war like that with the Empire? Can there be a stable government or senate? Will the planetary shields of the New Republic capital system of Bothawui be activated w CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: ... be activated with exclusion to Bothan nationals and visitors? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: If the New Republic is forced into a state of perpetual heightened alert, I assure you that the senate will remain stable. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: No matter what hardships are faced by the Republic, no matter what challenges is brought before it, no matter how many problems are thrown at it - the Republic will maintain a stable government. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: This is assured by the very nature of a Republic. When the people of the Republic realize that the war threatens them, they will choose a new course of action to remedy their situation. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: This power held by the very people governed by the Republic is the strongest and most permanent asset that the Republic holds. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: As long as the people of the Republic maintain their power, the versatility of the Republic will not collapse against the static and archaic government professed by the Empire. CommNet 1138 [A Human male]: As for Bothawui, the New Republic has had major bases on several planets throughout these times. As it is the capital of the Galaxy is, and always has been, Coruscant. Bothawui is no the capital planet of the Republic. It is however a fortified syst CommNet 1138 [A Human male]: It is however a fortified system to provide security for Republic Troops nearby. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: This is Syb Sheridan. ALERT this channel is closed for the time being. It will be reactivated when the security breach at the site of this interview has been addressed. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: In what can only be termed as a sudden and ill-timed appearance of a Dark Jedi, CommNet 1138 [A Sullustan male]: m'lord, are you alright? CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Self-described Dark Lady Phoenix Cat, Dark Jedi Nessai Terlyon has approached the Chancellor with remarks of his illegitimate claim to New Republic authority. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: The heavy breathing exhibited by the Dark Jedi was strangely characteristic... as if from a time when the New Republic was not yet formed. CommNet 1138 [xpppphumanmale]: Excuse me. May I speak to Editor-in-Chief Sheridan? CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Almost mechanical and dark in nature. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Please do. What is your name sir? CommNet 1138 [xpppphumanmale]: Teronius CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Mr. Teronius, please make this quick... there are developments regarding this situation. CommNet 1138 [xpppphumanmale]: I read your Wand Ad in the paper and I am interested in the job CommNet 1138 [xpppphumanmale]: Want* CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Of course, Mr. Teronius, I'll endeavour to contact you as soon as I am free from this location. CommNet 1138 [xpppphumanmale]: Thanks I'll keep my com on this channel CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: The Dark Jedi seems to be making claims alluding to a previous relationship with the New Republic... CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Correction... possibly to the Rebel Alliance. CommNet 1138 [xpppphumanmale]: Interesting....... CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Her anger is quite apparent, alluding to events that had her former... contacts abandon her in some respect. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: My GOSH. Her anger has consumed her. CommNet 1138 [xpppphumanmale]: It's a she huh??? CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: She is challenging the Jedi... almost taunting them. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Her voice is rising quickly in anger... referring to an event regarding the Jedi Council. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: I'll see what I can do to broadcast the events going on currently... perhaps the transmission can reach this channel. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: That was Master Joshua of the Council. CommNet 1138 [xpppphumanmale]: Jedi Council? CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: OH MY. The Dark Jedi is Attacking! CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: The Chancellor quickly dodges the advance... CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: And is pushed aside most uncomfortably by Master Joshua of the Council. CommNet 1138 [xpppphumanmale]: OMG CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Is seems the Jedi Master has established his ultimatum to the Dark Jedi. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Lady Nessai grinds her teeth slightly as she parries the attack from the Jedi MAster. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: The second, unnamed Jedi comes into the fray, and uses the force to send a small wave of air to knock her off balance. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: The Chancellor is pacing back in forth, it seems, in contemplation. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: The Averam Senator rises to stand and join the the Chancellor and myself to our relatively safe corner. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: The second Jedi, still holding his lightsaber, looks as if he is gathering the force about him... CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Lady Nessai is hissing loadly at the Jedi as she moves toward the door. Her thoughts, clearly full of anger and hate, seems to also be in some sort of conflict. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: This is quite unsettling. The Jedi in the room have moved away from where I could adequately see their actions and stances. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Senator Voquay of Roche, the Chairman of the Senate Media Relations Committee, has informed GMS that the New Republic intends to submit a formal statement regarding the proceedings of this evening's events... to reassure the citizenry of this CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: ... of this attack from the Dark Jedi CommNet 1138 [A Sullustan male]: I have captured your pitiful capatalist leader! If you ever want to see your pathetic Bush again, send me FIFTY BILLION YEN by tomorrow morning. That is all! CommNet 1138 [A Sullustan male]: I mean..... have a nice day all! CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: All take any questions right now, from the viewing public. I'll answer what I can. Please state your name when you pose your question. CommNet 1138 [xpppphumanmale]: I just recorded the entire broadcast CommNet 1138 [xpppphumanmale]: Like an archive Commnet 1138 [Someone]: I have a question. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: I can assure you, sir, that this broadcast did not intend to give such live exposure to these events. However, your interest and participation is noted. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Yes? Who is speaking? I can't seem to place your voice... CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: The Chancellor of the New Republic has also informed me that he will answer any questions directed to him. Commnet 1138 [Someone]: Chancellor. why is it that all the reigning senators are human males, are you biased or do you feel that other races are unsuitable? Commnet 1138 [Someone]: also, why are 90% of the leaders of the New Republic human? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: Not all senators are human males. The senators are elected by the people of the starsystem that they represent. Usually, these are of the same race as the people of the world. CommNet 1138 [ennest]: I can assure you that I am not a human. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: In fact, the Senator from Roche, the Senate Media-Relations Committee Chairman, who is currently with me at the moment is a Verpine. Commnet 1138 [Someone]: Chancellor, is it not true that Major Republic planets fire upon Imperial ships, while Imperial planets DO NOT fire upon Republic ships? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: If the people of a world choose to elect a human, it is their prerogative to do so. The Galactic Republic does not endorse the concept of quotas within the senate - the matter is left entirely to the people of the worlds in the Republic. CommNet 1138 [Ula]: Well the Republic is a very strict military force. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: Republic forces fire upon Imperial vessels because they are a threat to the well-being and safety of the people of the Republic. The Empire, I point out, would fire upon Republic vessels if it had the capability to do so. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The Republic, however, does not send vessels to powerful Imperial vessels within range of turrets that could fire upon them. Commnet 1138 [Someone]: that is untrue, there is clear footage of republic ships flying past EIGHT star destroyers in peace Commnet 1138 [Someone]: however, a lambda shuttle owned by an Imperial engineer was shot down over Coruscant Commnet 1138 [Someone]: explain that please. CommNet 1138 [Ula]: Why are all the Republic's popular support so low ranking? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: This footage was never presented before the senate, nor has the report of the shuttle being shot down been reported to the senate. I am unaware of the details of both matters. I will say, however, that any vessel purporting to be a member of an or Commnet 1138 [Someone]: so you do not deny the Republic's involvement of this? Commnet 1138 [Someone]: how do you plan to investigate? Commnet 1138 [Someone]: and what will you do to remedy the situation, if you are at fault? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: organization that has openly declared war on the people of the Republic is a threat to the citizens and that it most be dealt with. If Imperial vessels do not wish to be fired upon, then they should not openly declare war and use tactics such as ca CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: carpet bombing on the people of the Republic. Commnet 1138 [Someone]: so "all's fair in love and war", Chancellor? Commnet 1138 [Someone]: no more "give peace a chance"? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: You misunderstand my statement. Commnet 1138 [Someone]: I don't think I did Commnet 1138 [Someone]: perhaps you could explain why less then half the population of Coruscant dislikes the idea of the republic? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: I did not claim that 'all is fair in love and war'. I claimed that if a vessel known to be owned by a nation which has in the past killed many thousands of civilians with bombing raids approaches a Republic world, it will be defended against. CommNet 1138 [ennest]: I would like to see where you get thses statistics from. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: If the Empire wants peace, then let them make an offer of peace with diplomats and not weapons. Commnet 1138 [Someone]: they are public statistics, "senator" Commnet 1138 [Someone]: they are public statistics, "senator" CommNet 1138 [Sinick]: Wait, isn't it true that the New Republic supports ALL the people of the galaxy? By singling out one organization, aren't YOU the ones pushing off future chances for peace talks? As I last heard, the Empire is from THIS galaxy. Why is the New Republ CommNet 1138 [Sinick]: Republic lowering themselves down to Imperial tactics? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: What Imperial tactics do you speak of? CommNet 1138 [Sinick]: Attacking vessels on sight, even if they are being peaceful? CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Please, please, gentlemen. One question at a time for the Chancellor. With your permission, Chancellor, I can moderate this Q&A session... CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: We signle out the Empire because it has openly slaughtered women and children - if you believe the children of the Republic do not deserve defense against such a force, then I do not know why you would believe a government should exist. CommNet 1138 [Sinick]: By singling them out, you are only delaying peace. You shouldn't be attacking, but trying to negociate treaties and peace accords CommNet 1138 [Sinick]: Force only brings about more and stronger force CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: We are not attacking - there have been no Republic raids on Imperial worlds since my administration was elevated to the Chancellery. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: We desire peace, but we do not sacrifice the lives of innocent civilians by allowing our planets to be bombed in order to achieve peace. CommNet 1138 [Sinick]: Then explain the destruction of the peaceful Imperial vessel? You still haven't answer the previous person's question Commnet 1138 [Someone]: Chancellor, if you desire peace why do you raise the planetary shields on Both? shouldn't the planet be public like Byss? The Empire seems to welcome visitors. Commnet 1138 [Someone]: does the New Republic have something to hide? Commnet 1138 [Someone]: they use both planetary shields and planetary turrets. Commnet 1138 [Someone]: and this time, please try to answer without refering to the slaughter of women and children CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The defense systems of key worlds are instructed to fire upon Imperial Vessels in order to prevent a loss of life. If a vessel is registered to a group that has declared an intent to destroy the Republic, do you expect the Republic to stand by and CommNet 1138 [ennest]: Both is not a planet for civilians to visit. It is a New Republic Base of operations. Commnet 1138 [Someone]: so you admit that the senate is not for the public CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: allow that vessel to take any course of action it chooses? I put the lives of my people above the lives of a murderer. Commnet 1138 [Someone]: Both does not welcome Civilians CommNet 1138 [Sinick]: Then you claim that public Imperial vessels or unarmed vessels will be destroyed without provotion? CommNet 1138 [ennest]: You seem to twist my words. CommNet 1138 [A Sullustan male]: I hate to interrupt, Chancellor Commnet 1138 [Someone]: choose them more carefully. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: If they declare an expressed support for the Imperial Military, yes. CommNet 1138 [A Sullustan male]: But how might I enlist in the New Republic? CommNet 1138 [ennest]: The Senate is for everyone. Even the groups that declare war on the New Republic. Commnet 1138 [Someone]: why do you not invite Lord Vengaaar to your senate then? CommNet 1138 [Sinick]: I would say then you are not being just at all. You are making justice by using a tainted conscious. This will lead to much trouble Chancellor CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: I point out that the senate is for all planets in this Galaxy - from those who support the Empire to those who support anarchy. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: Lord Vengaaar may come to the senate if he so wishes, if he is elected by a free election of the people of a world as dictated by the Galactic Constitution. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Loyal viewers, this channel has been opened to give you an unprecedent access to the Chancellor of the New Republic. In an orderly fashion, I will moderate this session so that each viewer will have the opportunity to speak with the Chancello CommNet 1138 [ennest]: First of all, because he has not applied. Secondly, we have not seen many diplomatic skills in Vengaaar. Commnet 1138 [Someone]: what a discrepancy CommNet 1138 [indigo]: If I may make one and only one comment: The Empire has prevented any peace from arising. I Recall a certain peacekeeping mission on Coruscant where the Empire made many numerous bombing runs resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of people. Commnet 1138 [Someone]: Chancellor Markoth says yes, Senator Ennest says no. CommNet 1138 [ennest]: No. That is not what I said. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: Senator Ennest has only claimed that he has not been invited, not that he cannot be invited. I admit that he has not been openly invited, for he has not yet been elected senator. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: I would cherish the day when the Empire and Republic come to peace and Lord Vengaaar takes a seat on the senate as Senator of Byss. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Chancellor, please do not respond to claims and questions not following the standard protocol. Commnet 1138 [Someone]: moving along... Commnet 1138 [Someone]: Chancellor, how do you explain the rise in smuggling on Coruscant? Commnet 1138 [Someone]: and the lack of police CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Excellent question, sir. Please refrain from responding further until the Chancellor has answered. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The rise in smuggling on Coruscant is the direct result of a lack of police - and the lack of police is a direct result of the war with the Empire. Many police personnel have had to be re-assigned to the front in order to defend against possible in CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: invasions by the Empire. This situation is currently being remedied by two solutions: CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The first, a "Civil Defense Force" is being formed within the Republic to serve as a mobile police force, stationed on both Bothawui and Coruscant. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The second, local governments, including the Coruscanti government, are being encouraged to form police forces following Republic standard procedures, which would allow quick coordination of the forces between starsystems. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Thank you, Chancellor. If you have further questions regarding this line of discussion, please ask them at a secondary stage. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The former plan is being worked out in the senate, and is expected to be voted upon within two weeks. Commnet 1138 [Someone]: I see CommNet 1138 [Sinick]: Why must you protect Bothawui if it is never open to the public Chancellor? Shouldn't you be protection other planets such as Gamorr or Kashyyyk? CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Next question. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: The moderator recognizes the question from the human male. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: That is an excellent and well-founded question. The Civil Defense Force is not intended to protect Bothawui. It is intended to protect the Republic as a whole, and Bothawui is a station from which it could be easily deployed to any world in the Re CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: Republic CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Thank you, Chancellor... does the Senator from Roche wish to comment? CommNet 1138 [Sinick]: But to quote you Chancellor, you said that the Civil Defense Force will be "stationed on both Bothawui and Coruscant." Why spend the money to station them on a fully impenatrable planet? Are you saying you are willing to waste tax-payers money to ha CommNet 1138 [ennest]: The Civil Defense fleet is not to protect Both alone. It is to be deployed from Both because of the centeral location and facilities. CommNet 1138 [Sinick]: have a few extra guards protect you? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: It is stationed on Bothawui so that it can be deployed to any world in the Republic at a moment's notice. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Thank you, Senator, Chancellor.. We shall move on to our next question. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: It is not intended to defend Bothawui, but because the command centers on Bothawui are capable of coordinating many forces at once, it is an ideal location for a base of deployment for such a force. CommNet 1138 [Sinick]: If it were a true Defense Force, it would be station where it was MOST needed...This is your choice however. CommNet 1138 [Jagid]: May I add something about the Chancellors commment? Commnet 1138 [Someone]: I believe a "next question" was called. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Questions regarding the Civilian defense force may be asked as a form question when the moderator recognizes the question posed. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: It is stationed where it is most needed - in the place where it can be most effective. If it were stationed on a world elsewhere, it would protect only one world, as opposed to the entire Republic. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: The next question I have comes from a Bothan male who has approached me. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: along those same lines, chancellor, a Bothawui-born Bothan male has approached me previously asking why he, and other Bothan nationals, were prevented from returning to their homeworld. Will they ever be able to have access to it? CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: His claim of belonging to the Bothan Spynet could not be confirmed. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: Bothan nationals are permitted to return to their homeworld if they are able to do so - you see, the Republic has not prevented Bothans from returning to their homes, but it has not allowed access to the Republic base. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: Most of the planet is a civilian world, and accessible and inhabited by civilian bothans. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Thank you. Chancellor. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: The moderator opens the channel to the next question. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The Republic does not encourage nor hinder the immigration or emigration of bothans to or from Bothawui, there is merely a lack of landing platforms accessible to civilians. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Remember, please state your name, even if it is false, so that we may address you appropriately. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Any further questions? Perhaps I'll continue on with questions that have been submitted to me prior... CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Chancellor, your predecessor, Chancellor Gambit, was adamantly against capital punishment. What is your stance on this issue and in this current administration? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: I am opposed to Capital punishment, just as Chancellor Gambit was. As a senator, I pushed against it in several resolutions. However, my views do not affect my judgement when it comes to enforcing the senate's law. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: As it stands, the senate has permitted capital punishment for some crimes - I will not violate the senate's decisions on these matters, regardless of my personal feelings on the matter. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: I see, Chancellor. Who has been assigned in the current administration, to apply the punishment? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: No one has been assigned to that task, as it has not yet been necessary. However, it is not the Chancellery's decision on that matter. CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: The Senate Judicial Committee makes that decision, and it is headed by Senator Carel of Averam. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Indeed. What of criminal trials and prosecutions? What proceedings have been agreed by the Senate Judiciary Committee? CommNet 1138 [Markoth]: Senator Carel will discuss such matters, as he has a more first-hand perspective of the issues. CommNet 1138 [A Human male]: The Senate Judicial Committee will be comprised of key planets and will decide on the standards by which the Republic will enforce punishment for crimes. As of yet the particular punishments are undecided but once the committee has several votes the CommNet 1138 [A Human male]: there will be a complete listing for the planets within the Republic to follow CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Thank you, Senator. Are there any more questions from the viewing public? CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: Without any further questions, I thank you for your tuning in with us. Please check with the GMS publication for any updates worthwhile. CommNet 1138 [Sheridan]: And please remember, CommNet Channel 1138 is open to YOU. If you ever need to reach editor Sheridan, please feel free to do so. Public Chat Network [Sheridan]: Excellent placement, custom layout, and round-the-clock exposure. Contact Editor at GMS on CommNet 1138 today. [GMS]


Commander Sari Pashali

Subject: human female Sora

&Ga) She worked for Vazzo's privateers a few years ago b) She was jailed or caught by the rebels for an issue.
c) Lord Terminus indicated she worked for him
&zooc) Her account hijacked and the imposter used her account to kill Imperials and others in a bloodbath that was fixed up by ghost.
&Gd) She was found to be wielding weapons in the Coruscant workshop and mayhem ensued. She defensibly disabled Imperial Inspection teams. The issue was resolved with her being banned from Imperial planets pending Lord Terminus' decision.

As this is such a minor issue not worthy of Lord Terminus' time, I have delegated the resolution of this issue to you.

Please meet this individual and assess her use to the Empire. Your ruling will be my will on this matter. If you require resources or assets, I shall attach them to you.

Drakkon Talderaa
High Admiral

&zOOC: cc Sora

&GCommander Sari Pashali

Subject: male chiss Vice Admiral "Teyd" Frieli Reaban

a) He is a member of the Dark Star Syndicate (DSS)
b) Lord Vengaaar gave them access to ISD Vengeance for their exceptional support of the Empire.
c) DSS provided dubious but useful support to Empire interests, their use as a tool of the Empire is diminished.
d) After irritating issues, Lord Terminus had enough of them and issued the order that they be hunted down and killed.
e) Most DSS members flee and seek pardons. Lord Terminus grants some pardons and has many others killed.
f) Vice Admiral Reaban approached myself to make reparations.
g) DSS has ceased active conflict with the Empire.
h) ISD Vengeance has been promised to be returned, it is Lord Terminus' will that it be returned. He cares not for anything else.
i) Vice Admiral Reaban wishes to live and attempt to rebuild the tarnished reputation of the DSS
&zOOC) He wants to keep his pirate clan alive as it was a pain in the butt to get made. He is like the only member left. Lets somehow resolve this issue with Imperial uncompromising attitude and let Teyd keep his clan with enough reason to convince Aesir to let it live. ISD Vengeance has been unofficially returned to Byss space. Once the issue is resolved I'll remove Teyd from the pilot list and have Immortal staff change all its codes.

&GAs this is such a serious issue worthy of Lord Terminus' time, I require a quick resolution of this issue.

Please meet this individual and assess his use to the Empire. Your ruling will be my will on this matter. If you require resources or assets, I shall attach them to you.

Drakkon Talderaa
High Admiral

&zOOC: to: Sari cc Teyd

Ever the putter of microphones in the armor I handed out

A comlink buzzes 'Senator Caesar, can you please inform me of a communications frequency which you regularly monitor?' A comlink buzzes 'It will be placed in the senate database for public access.' A comlink buzzes 'Hmm?' A comlink buzzes 'I have a private frequency between me and Eira, but one for the Senate has not been made.' A comlink buzzes 'I need a second for my Defense Committee...' A comlink buzzes 'You may decide upon one and inform me once you have done so.' A comlink buzzes 'Actually.' A comlink buzzes '[OOC] A freq? or a second for the Defense committee' A comlink buzzes 'I think it would be more effective to have all senate frequencies within a certain range.' A comlink buzzes 'OOC: A frequency on which people can contact you if they need you, your official frequency as a senator.' A comlink buzzes 'Hmm, yes, that would do.' A comlink buzzes '5775 will be my frequency..' A comlink buzzes 'The Republic's official frequency is 5000, the Chancellery's 5001, the Vice Chancellery's 5002, and so on.' A comlink buzzes 'That will prevent any confusion and insure uniformity.' A comlink buzzes 'So, 5003 is mine.' A comlink buzzes 'Pending approval by the senate, of course.' A comlink buzzes '5004, actually. They are simply assigned by order as listed in the database.' A comlink buzzes 'my frequency is 7337 if anyone cares or needs me' A comlink buzzes 'should we try to go get our wookiee friend?' A comlink buzzes '[OOC] hes messin around' A comlink buzzes '[OOC] He can honestly make it back' A comlink buzzes '[OOC] I think he is just still pissed that ryzm died.' A comlink buzzes 'ooc okay' A comlink buzzes 'ooc see i told ya so' A comlink buzzes 'Chancellor Markoth, Is it possible that Chyyy can become a Senator, a representitive of Hapes?' A comlink buzzes 'Kashyyyk rather' A comlink buzzes 'A Wookiee representing Hapes?' A comlink buzzes 'If the people of Kashyyyk elect him, then yes.' A comlink buzzes 'That should not be a problem..' A comlink buzzes 'He is an Elder...' A comlink buzzes 'how did you get him here?' A comlink buzzes 'He turned himself in voluntarily.'

Jedi at the time

To: (nobody)
[ 1] Tridor: New Republic Funds
Fri Feb 28 14:42:17 2003
To: All New Republic Personell.
Due to slow activity within the galaxy, and revenue being at an all time low, I put in a request that all personell take their time to deliver cargo to different planets to replenish the governments funds.

Any other non-aggressive means of making credits for the New Republic would also be appreciated. This course of action will allow the Republic to replenish its funds.

The funds that are currently available are not enough to rebuild after massive losses due to the attack of the "Dark Storm". Ships will be needed as soon as possible to continue the New Republics protection of Government planets.

With replenished funds, the New Republic will be able to continue its campaign of protection and freedom.

May the Force be with you all,

Master Tridor
Jedi Council

Republic at the time

Interesting to know that Eira was bought/working for the Imperial Empire. She had a microphone on her at most times.

New Republic Senate Confirms Leadership Appointments
By Syb Sheridan

BOTHAWUI Senator Voquay of Roche informs GMS that in the latest session of the New Republic Senate, the Senators from Commenor, Ord Mantell, and Naboo were confirmed into key leadership positions. Senator Eira Ravenfleur of Ord Mantell has been elected by quorum to serve as the Senate's Vice-Chancellor in the absence of Chancellor Markoth. Both Senator Pomarell Caesar of Commenor and Senator Elise Navarre of Naboo declined their nominations to the Vice-Chancellery to accept the Chairpersonships of the Senate Defense Committee and the Senate Rules & Procedures Committee, respectively.