Your character's description is, not surprisingly, a description of your character's physical appearance. The description command puts you into an editor to edit your long character description (what people see when they look at you). Descriptions have to be descriptive of the character. I.E. No one line descriptions. Realize that this will affect your RP and most likely how you are treated.

Note: A character's description should be descriptive of the character, not others' reactions to him.

Try to avoid telling other players how they feel or what action they take when they look at you. Things to avoid are similar to "You feel a sense of awe" or "You avert your eyes and know that this person isn't one you would want to mess with". The character looking at you could be anything from a Dark Jedi master, to a simple moisture farmer. Keep that in mind, for it would take much to scare a Dark Jedi. Less to scare a farmer.

Example Description

You see a human of short stature, standing no more than 1.6 meters in height. Atop his head is closely cropped light-brown hair. He has light green eyes, which sit below thin eyebrows and above a thin nose. He has a mouth consistent with the majority of the human race, and his complexion is a light shade of tan. His overall body structure is generally lithe, with arms and legs proportionately sized with the rest of his small body. His head is covered with wavy brown hair, and he has light green eyes.