This is just my equivalent of Walldo's thing. Also a bit of an advice thing too.



I haven't got the faintest idea how to do tags, aka uh... the things at the top of the page (this article is a stub etctera etctera). However, there's 2 I'd like to see.

The first is something along the lines of "Historical IC Information" - this is what should be done for articles about Era 1. Which is, that era ---> 1st March 2007 - 31st October 2007. Old Republic Era

The second is simply "IC Information" - this is for articles about THIS era 1st November 2007 - Present. Rise of the Galactic Empire Era. The only articles that should be around for this era are essentially public information ones, for example, the public clans lists, planet histories, planet lists, also potentially NEWS articles (however, the imms may delete them if they arn't appropriate). There should be no character bios for current era characters, alive or dead.

I'll give account points to anyone that makes us some images to accompany these tags. -Walldo

If you're not sure about this, you can contact Stamp over at Mu* Wiki. --Zenn 09:24, 1 February 2008 (EST)


If you're writing a character bio, Isai has a great format for it, however it's rather complicated for me to understand :S

Also on character bio pages, if you have a character name that's used over several timelines (cough-chizzel-cough), please keep it on the same page, however use the headings found in the timeline page for each version of the character.

If you're writing about a past era, The 1st March 2007 - 31st October 2007. Old Republic Era page has a good format for it. I feel these pages should be almost like an index, a first stop for someone wanting to read about an era.

For ideas on writing skills, please look at user:kryptic's entries.

My page on the star forge may also be a semi-good format to do pages about particular events/battles/things-of-interest that happened. My advice about the "Historical IC Information" and putting the era in as a heading is good here too.